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If I had one word to describe what was going on right now it would be... 

torture (for the boys). 

The girls and guys were split, so myself, Piper, Hazel, Thalia, Reyna and Calypso sat in the meeting room hearing the yells of annoyance from the boys while Aphrodite made them look 'Royal' and It was kinda hilarious to listen in, so there we were sitting in a circle listening to the boys through the door and laughing,

"This is stupid," Percy yelled for the hundredth time, 

"You're stupid!" Nico replied I laughed along with the others. 

"GAAAHHH what was that!" Leo's voice screamed as a loud thud came from the room next door, 

"A stiletto," Aphrodite reported calmly making me hold my sides as they began to ache. 

"This is hilarious," Hazel wheezed out clutching her stomach, I couldn't help but feel slightly sad, this is what normal mortals did, sit around and laugh at each other. The one and only time all of us feel normal is when we are about to go on a quest. Aphrodite walked in and I felt a cloth wrap around my eyes, the room was suddenly silent.

"What the heck is going On!" Reyna cried in outrage breaking the tension, 

"You can't see what the boys look like, it's a secret!" Aphrodite squeaked and honestly I could feel the annoyance radiating from whoever was standing next to me. The blindfold fell from my eyes, we were in the spare room next to the meeting room, the boys were nowhere to be seen and the walls were covered with almost three times as much clothing at the camp. This is insane. 

"Well... who wants to go first?!" Aphrodite clapped her hands together as she looked along the row of six annoyed girls in front of her.

"Annabeth," I sighed as Thalia pushed me forward, honestly if she hadn't saved me from a group of hellhounds that an Apollo cabiner sent after me I would've Judo flipped her but now I just settled for a glare.

"Well now that's settled, tell me what Royal family member you are and three things that you definitely will not wear," Aphrodite said, at least I'm not going to have to die drowning in pink fabric. 

"I'm a princess, Percy's suitor, and a knight," I said trying to find an escape route. 

"And I'm not wearing anything pink or short or makeup and heels," I stated Aphrodite smiled nodding slightly and clicked her fingers. I looked down to find myself in a grey dress with sea green sneakers and my hair out, well at least I'm not going to look like the Aphrodite cabins walls. 

"Alright Thalia you're next," I smirked walking back beside Piper while the hunter stood forward.

(AN: I'm not going into all of the details of what they are wearing now because it just slows the story down.)


We all stood at the ping pong table as Chiron bid Piper's mother Goodbye.