Part one

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I'm Avery Jones born and raised in the hills of California I'm your topical teenage girl you know the ones you see on TV ,yeah that's my family I set in my new room and continued unpacking my last box

Things have gotten hard on our family my mother died last year and my dad just lost his job he could no longer afford our old home man Im gonna miss having a made cleaning up after me

I honestly was upset when I found out i had to give up so many of my things just so we can move down hear I had to sell my car and some of my clothes we went from an 8 bedroom house to an 2 bedroom apartment

I placed the picture of my mom on the nightstand when the sound of my dads voice calling me filled my ears I walked into the small living room and seen he was dressed in his coat, gloves,hat and ect

"Yes"I answered sitting onto the couch"I have to go into the office so its 30 dollars on the kitchen counter so you can get something to eat"he said zipping up his coat "ok be safe" I said kissing him on the cheek"ill be back by 7:00 tomorrow morning "he said while kissing my forehead

He left out and i locked the door behind him I checked the time on my phone that said 5:37pm I got onto Google and searched for near by fast food restaurants it was an Chinese place two blocks from hear

I went into my room and put on pink, love pink sweatpants in black letters and a hoodie to match, black timberland boots ,and a black north face coat I grabbed my ear buds and phone before making my way into the kitchen

I grabbed my house keys and the money off the table I locked up the apartment and made my out the door

I placed my ear buds inside my ears and Beyoncé's Lemonade started to play I pressed the down button by elevator and waited after about 2min I pressed the button again

I lowly cursed to myself when I felt someone tap my shoulder I took my left ear bud out and turned around it was a tall light skin boy around my age he was cute "you gonna be waiting all day"his husky voice said with a chuckle"what's wrong with them"i asked while placing my phone into my pocket "there broke they only go up not down"

"Really o.m.g, we are on the 8th floor"I sighed in frustration "yea you gotta take the steps"he said pointing to them"thanks,im Avery by the way"i said shaking his hand"im Chris ,your not from hear are you"he asked as we started to walk down the steps"no,im from Cali"I stated while pausing my music "im not from hear either im from Virginia but moved down hear 3 years ago"he said as we reached the last bit of steps

We continued to have small talk until we reached the lobby "So miss California, were you headed off two its late"he asked with his hands placed firmly in his Nike coat pocket "to the Chinese place two blocks from hear and its not that late" he just smiled at me "ma,its winter time the sun go's down early and let me walk you" he cute and all but as far as I know he could be a killer

"No its fine"I said with a reassuring smile"California im not taking no for an answer your in Baltimore city not the county anything could happen to you while your walking by your self"he stated as we walked out the lobby's doubled doors"fine, I guess"

The walk was nice we would asked question about each other like what's you favorite color and how old are you i learned that he is 17 his favorite color is red he is an only child just like me and he is in his last year of high school just like me I learned a lot of stuff to much to list actually

When we got into the place it was no chairs no tables nothing Chris said hi to everybody he seen in there "Ma,ma let me get 5 wings and fries salt,paper and ketchup all over and hot sauce only on the chicken oh and and a orange soda"he yelled calmly into the window I just looked at him "What you getting"he asked in a lower voice"get me the same thing as you but a fruit punch"I said lowly into his ear

This city is way different then Beverley hills we have sushi restaurants not Chinese people selling Fried chicken "Chris,ya total is 12.98"she said in her deep Chinese accent I gave Chris the twenty and he paid for both of our food we started walking again but in silence but not a bad silence though

"oh hear"he said giving me 6 dollars and 49 cent"why you give me this"I asked while holding the money in my hand"because you paid for my food so i paid you back"he said cutely as we reached the apartment building

This time we took the elevator up "thanks I really had a nice time"I stated while looking down at my boots"yea me two ill,catch you later"he said as we got off the elevator "yea"I sighed as we started walking the opposite way

When I walked into the apartment I locked the door behind me and went in my room to change my clothes I put on some pink night pants and a white think top when I was done I turned on the TV and MTV was playing I know what you did last summer I got under the covers and started to eat my food

I have to admit that food was good I walked in the kitchen to throw my trash away but the trash can was full so I took the bag out and slipped on my house shoes I shut the door behind me as I walked to the trash shoot

as I was walking back I heard a bunch of people laughing the closer I got the louder the voices were when I got to the apartment it was Chris and like 5 other people sitting in the hall way "oh hey Avery "he greeted I waved before making my way into the apartment

I kicked off my house shoes before placing a new bag inside of the trash can as i was making my way back into my room it was a knock at the door"who is it"i yelled while walking to the door"its Chris"when I opened up the door he stood there with a cute smile on his face

"come out I want you to meet my friends"I sighed before shutting the door I stood in the door way as they all just looked at me it felt wired "Avery, this Michael, Trey, Kae, Kelly, and carman "he said pointing to each one of them "yo what are you looking at"Kae said standing up"look i don't want no problems'"I said putting my hands up in defence

"Don't mind her,so Chris tells us your from California "Kelly asked as she stood up"yea ,born and raised "I said proudly "oh ,ok I like yo weave girl were you buy it"she asked playing with my hair "its not weave"I said moving her hands from my hair"what are you mixed or something"Kae asked "yea my mom was white"I said with a toothless smile

"So are you seeing anyone"Michael asked while biting on his bottom lip"don't pay them no mind ,so you wanna hang out"Chris asked while holding my right hand "Chris we gotta go"Kae said popping on her gum "we do why"carman asked as she stood up"because we do,bye guys and bye white girl"Kae said as she left with the girls following her

I just meet this girl and she starting stuff i don't really like fighting unless I have to"so white girl,you gonna hang or what"Trey asked while drinking some of his Arizona juice"sure" I seat down in front of my apartment door and just was in my own thoughts like that kae girl she is to much talking about I was looking at her no yall was looking at me

"you heard me"Michael said knocking me out of my thoughts"no what you say"I asked while playing with the strings on my pants"damn,I said what's going on with me and you"I looked at him up and down he cute but he not my type"its nothing going on between us"i said slowly so that he could understand

we seat out in the hallway for at least 2 hours "yo Chris ,we out bruh,its almost 10 and a nigga got school tomorrow "Trey said as they did the little hand shake "bye bae"Michael said giving me a hug "im not ya bae"I yelled as he turned the hallway coiner "so,you wanna come in"Chris asked "no its getting late I should get to bed"I said as we both got up off the floor "can I see you tomorrow "he asked as he grabbed onto my hands "yes you can"I said with a smile

"goodnight ma"Chris said as he placed a small peck on my cheek before walking down to his apartment he only live across the hall one door down

I walked into the house with a smile not leaving my face I locked the door behind me before making my way back into my bed man I hope i see him tomorrow

My first Chapter for this book and I have to say I like it please vote and comment your opinions i will really appreciate it 😘

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