The dinner with my friend went well and some how she ended up staying the night. I slept in my room while she slept in the guest room. I woke up bright and early the next morning to make sure I had everything perfect for my first day at college - My major was for the moment undecided. I took a shower and dressed in my unicorn silk suit and dragon hide shoes - those were a few things that I had brought into the muggle world. One of the things I left behind because of tempation was my wand, it sat in the top drawer of my bed side table.

I was downstairs having breakfast when Whitney came down. She was dressed in slacks, a white button down and a blazer - I couldn't deny that she was beautiful but Hermione was better by a million fold.

"Thanks for letting me stay last night" She said as she placed her satchel on the ground by the door.

"No problem" I replied as I was washing my dish.

I turned and walked over to the door and grabbed my keys from the hook on the wall. Bending over I grabbed my leather briefcase and headed out the doors.

"So what classes are you taking?" Whitney asked as I was heading down the highway.

"The basics." I mumbled trying to keep my mind focus.

A 15 minute drive felt like 45 minutes with Whitney in the car. She was talking non stop and asking me all sorts of questions that I couldn't honestly answer because I was from the wizarding world. Because of this I had to make up alot of stuff about my life and thought it was best to try and keep the same story going.

I was Draco Malfoy grew up in a manor in England, my parents were murdered during my last year of school. I attended a private boarding school and my mother and father worked as FBI agents. I am an only child and I inherited everything my family had. That was the basics of my character bio.

Finally I parked in the parkinglot and was relieved when we had some space bigger then 2 feet between myself and her. Sure I liked Whitney she was a cool person but I felt like she wanted more than to be just friends. The only thing is I loved Hermione, maybe if I didn't I would find her a bit more attractive but  I loved Hermione without a doubt.

We walked onto he campus and headed towards our first class, we both had our English class together and weird enough 3 other classes as well. Then again Whitney helped me with my schedule. We were there 5 minutes early and decided we might as well grab our seats. I took two steps into the classroom and froze.

"Hermione?" I gasped.

She turned her head to look at me and her eyes widened unnaturally.  "Draco?" I walked forward, Whitney following close behind me and sat in one of the two open seats left at her table in the front of the class. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm going to college" I replied smiling a bit. "And supporting your deciscions."

A guy beside her cleared his throat. "Oh um Draco this is my boyfriend Brody. Brody this is my friend Draco"

I felt like I was stabbed in the heart repeatedly. She introduced me as her friend, not even ex boyfriend. I felt as jealousy flooded through my veins, I wanted her to feel it too. I turned to gesture towards Whitney who was looking a bit confused.

"Hermione, this is Whitney, we are dating." I lied.

Whitney's eyes lit up and she smiled brightly before leaning over me to shake Hermione's hand. I chanced a glance at Hermione and her emotions look hurt, sad and confused. Now I felt worser than I thought I would.

"I'm sorry Hermione" I thought to myself. 

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