Chapter One Hundred Seventy Two

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Charlie awoke early one morning, finding Anora asleep with Stella and Eliza in the bed with them, the two girls resting over their mother while Iggy rested his head on Eliza's legs. He sat up in the bed and looked over at his sleeping family and smiled for a few seconds. It was funny to see how the roles had reversed as he was the one waking early with Anora sleeping in with the girls. But he certainly wanted Anora to rest and spend as much time as she could with the twins. In fact, he just wished that she would agree to spend all of her time with Eliza and Stella rather the dragon training or getting involved in Order matters.

With dark times happening all across the wizarding world, Charlie was not fully prepared for the end of the wizarding war to occur, because it meant a finally battle would have to occur and there would only be one victor. He had all his faith in the Order, but it wasn't like Voldemort and his followers were weak by any means. 

Eleanor's knitting had been able to save many lives, but they had still lost people which showed that her knitting was not foolproof. There were ways around it and Charlie feared that if Voldemort and the Death Eaters figured out the ways around it, it would result in more deaths that he would ever be able to handle.

Bringing dragons to any battle, would definitely give the Order and Harry the advantage but Charlie wasn't sure if they could fully depend on Norberta and Roscoe to follow through with the plan completely. With the latest practices resulting with Anora crashing to the ground roughly and Norberta not even allowing Charlie to mount,  he didn't believe bringing them to any fight would be beneficial to anyone.

He didn't want to bring the dragons and he certainly didn't want Anora to tag along either. He wanted her to stay home with the twins. He would never forgive himself if anything happened her during a battle, but of course, she used the same argument against him. When Magnus suggested both parents staying behind, they quickly disagreed together knowing they had made promises and had their own duties to fulfill, not only to the Order, but to their children.

They wanted Stella and Eliza to grow up in a world that wasn't plagued by Dark Magic. Charlie didn't want his family living in fear of anything. 

Eliza stirred first out of the sleeping bodies, but before she could cry or make any noise to disturb the others, Charlie picked her up and left the room.

He brought her out to the kitchen and fixed her a bottle before leaving outside and sitting on the steps. The child wasn't too hungry as she fussed at the bottle in her mouth until her father took it away from her. She stared up at him, before a smile grew across her face as she let out a small babbling noise.

Charlie laughed before he lowered his head and blew a raspberry on her stomach, causing her to squeal in happiness. 

Still bald as ever along with her sister, Eliza placed her small hands over her father's hand and gripped at his fingers.

"Everything is going to be alright, sweetheart." He whispered to her. "You just leave it to your mother and me, we're going to take good care of you and your sister.  We're going to make sure that everything is right in the world for you two. I promise, I'll die trying."

"Morbid morning conversations with Daddy."

He turned his head to see Anora looking down at him from the doorway with Stella in her arms.

"Sorry, I thought you were still asleep."

"Well, Stella isn't one to sleep in, is she? She must have sensed that Eliza awoke first. I swear, she's competitive."

"She gets it from someone but I'm not naming names." Charlie chuckled as Anora sat down beside him. Stella and Eliza looked at each from where they were in their parents' arms.

"You know there was a time where I couldn't get you out of bed." She said to him.

"Under certain circumstances that statement still holds true." He winked at her.

"Now why is it when I make an insinuating remark, I get scolded?!"

"Because yours are much more forward, Anora. Much, much, more forward."

"Fair enough, I'll agree with that." She smiled before looking out at the land in the distance. "Merlin, it's like you can feel the tension of the wizarding world."

"I know I was thinking the same thing. I don't think we're ready for all of this, Anora."

"I don't think anyone is ever ready for bad things, Charlie. That's what makes them so bad." She said. "But we can handle this. We can do this, we just have to keep thinking that. The moment we stop believing in that, we might as well just call it quits and hand ourselves over. And we can't do that. Especially not with Eliza and Stella depending on us."

"I don't want you fighting, An."

"And I don't want you fighting, Charlie. But the Order needs us. I'm not sure when but-"

Sebastian suddenly arrived before them with a worried look on his face, not wanting to tell them why he had been summoned to their home that morning.

Charlie held Eliza closely to him with a gentle squeeze.

"I think the time is coming sooner than we think."

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