xiii. acoustics

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Indie let out a quiet yawn, her eyes tired from staring at her computer screen where the images of a movie flickered passed. River had woken her up the second he got back and they went over the cords and melodies for his song writing class. They then went into complete and utter laziness, spending the rest of the night curled up watching movies on Netflix. She had no intention of moving out of her spot and when she saw the time on her bedside she smirked to herself, already knowing Tina was more than enjoying her date with Louis.

She closed her eyes for a brief second and they didn't reopen until there was a knock on the door. She yawned, running her index over the mouse of her computer to get the time and saw it was midnight. She squirmed a bit to get a look at the opposite side of the room and found Tina's bed still empty. She immediately thought maybe Tina had forgotten her key and needed help in.

Indie reached over and closed the lid to her computer, moving it just enough to get her legs out. She wiggled a bit closer to the wall before moving River's arm that was wrapped around her, his head rested on her torso. He has curled up on the twin bed with her to watch the movies, and though she was small, River wasn't and it was the only way for him to be comfortable. Indie didn't mind it, she enjoyed the way he liked to cuddle her and how he almost always fell asleep when he did.

"River," she whined when he wrapped his arm back around her, his hand resting at the small of her back. Her head popped up when there was another knock and she wanted to yelp for them to hold on but didn't want to wake River either. She finally managed to get out from his grasp and crawled over him only to get caught up when he turned onto his stomach and hugged her pillow to his chest causing her to fall to the floor in a thud. "Asshole," she mumbled quietly as she scurried up to her feet and towards the door.

She stopped to check her hair in the mirror out of habit and adjusted the loose tank top on her body before reaching the door, yanking it open and allowing the hallway light to seep into the dorm. She had expected to find Tina behind the door, her having forgotten her key but was greeted by something much more exciting than that.

"Harry," her lips curled up. "What are you doing here?" She asked, slightly confused by his presence but also intrigued to know what brought him around at midnight.

"It's tomorrow," he smirked.

"You found a loop hole," she laughed and looked behind her for a second before greeting his eyes again. "You know, I meant tomorrow after nine."

"I couldn't wait," he shrugged. "What do you say? You feel like coming somewhere with me."

"Harry, I don't know," Indie's lips curled down, her eyes slowly going over to River. "Riv-," she started talking but turned her head back to face him when he stepped in and wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her forward and pressing his lips to hers. Indie let a happy sigh out at the touch of his lips and she brought her hand up to his neck, her back curling back as he leaned into her.

"What was that again?" He mumbled, kissing her jaw and she couldn't help but grin, a small laugh leaving her lips.

"Okay, fine, you win," she grinned. "Where do you want to go?"

"That's a surprise," he smiled. "Grab some shoes."

"You aren't going to let me change?" She laughed and looked down at the black yoga shorts and loose cotton camisole. The soft white fabric raised off her torso as she lifted her arms up and tousled her loose waves.

"You look amazing to me," he eyed her and Indie rolled her eyes and swatted at his arm as she crept back into the room and knelt down, looking for a set of shoes. She pushed all her boots aside, trying to find something that didn't have a heel or require socks for that matter and she finally hooked her fingers onto her only pair of cork flip flops. She stood and grabbed the grey sweater off the back of her chair, holding her lips in a tight line as she wondered if she should leave a note but decided against it and ran off to the light.

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