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Before given to a human, demons are blank slates, waiting to be redone in the image of their human. Some liked to think of themselves as a blank canvas, awaiting the beautiful colors to be splashed on them.

They're cloven-hoofed, have dark wings springing from their back, and have one of many faces: A blurry mess of black, a fog that can be whisked up and away from their body in a never-ending stream, a ring of dimmed light much like a halo, ironically, or even dots of blinking, pulsing lights like a night sky.

They're born in a pit, surrounded by hundreds of their own. From there, they're taken to the almighty Father and made to put their dull life forces out on display for him. He saves the strong and murders the weak.

The more seasoned demons have roamed the Earth for centuries under the guise of gods and personal demons. Some have even taken place in history books as things they were simply pretending to be.

Ever hear of sirens? All demons, luring the men to their death with honeyed words of song and claiming their souls for 'easy points.'

There's a bracket of most souls collected, along with a scale of how valuable those souls are. The more the demons take, the more power they gain.

It's a simple point system, one built not out of competition, but jealousy. They craved souls, never having one. Being demons, they only had life forces, and weak ones in comparison to humans at that.

They envied the humans and their souls, hence the game. Envy runs strong in the family, beginning with the Almighty Father, Lucifer.

Earth is home to many of them, even now, but there are three who have more of a story to share than others. Their names, not yet claimed, were unspoken.

You may know them as Abraxas, Bête Noire, and Mortem.

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