Chapter One Hundred Seventy

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"Hello there, darling." Anora was crouched on the ground a little ways from the nest as Norberta and Roscoe's eggs were hatching. One of the eggs was in the lead as a small snout was poking out from the egg shell.  "I see that little snout!"

Charlie glanced over at her from where he was resting on the ground beside her. "You're really cute when you're excited, you know that?" he smiled at her.

She looked over at him with a bright smile, before she leaned in and gave him a quick kiss.

"Do you think we could get closer?"

"I don't think we want to push Norberta right now, after all, we just saw what happens when you mess with a dragon and her young earlier today." he teased nudging her.

"It wasn't funny." Anora growled. "I still want to hurt Sebastian for that. Moron."

"It's Sebastian, you know how he is."

"He's an idiot, sometimes. Most of the time, who am I kidding?"

"Just enjoy the moment." He said as she leaned into him. The two watched as the eggs continued to hatch throughout the day. 

Eventually, Roscoe arrived on the scene and eyed the two dragon handlers that were watching a little ways away as if questioning what they were doing.

"Go on, Roscoe. Go be a father!" Anora shooed him away from them. "You better be involved in their little lives or I swear I will make your life a living hell every day. Do you hear me, mister?"

"Anora, darling, let's not scold the new father to be. Let him have his chance of proving himself. Okay?" Charlie told her.

"Alright, alright, I'm just saying." She made eye contact with once more. "I'm watching you."

They watched as the large dragon made his way over to the nest where Norberta was curled around the eggs, watching. He lowered his head at one point and using the edge of his teeth, he pulled away part of the shell to let one of the dragons freed. 

The little dragon popped out fully and flopped out onto the ground with a small cry.

"I think my heart just stopped." Anora said. "Yup, it definitely stopped. Look at it, Charlie! Look at it!"

" I can't!" Charlie said.

"Why not?"

"Because you won't stop shaking me!"

"Oooh, sorry about that." She released him, but her hands went back to gripping his arm. "Oh I just want to hold one and squeeze it and love it-"

"Anora, don't forget that these are dragons regardless if they are babies."

"You know what this makes us, don't you?" Anora said to him.


"We're dragon grandparents."

"Oh An-"

"I already have the white hair! I'm all set!"

"Merlin, help me."

While things were going seemingly well for everyone at the Sanctuary. Things were not going well for everyone back home. The only way that Charlie and Anora were able to hear how things were going was listening to the Potter Watch broadcast but it wasn't always easy to get a hold of one of the broadcasting for them being so far away.

They only learned about things, much later after things happened and while Anora was concerned for the well being of everyone, she could see that Charlie was terribly stressed over his family. Especially his little brother Ron who was accompanying Harry and Hermione on their mission.

At some point, Ron had left and was staying at the Shell Cottage due to some sort of rift that had occurred during their travels. But when he returned to the mission, more trouble arose as Death Eaters soon discovered that Ron was not back home sick with Spattergroit, sending all into hiding.

Charlie didn't sleep at night, and whenever Anora got up to check on one of the girls who were crying in the other room, she found him awake and tending to them every time.

One evening, she awoke to the cries of both girls, which brought her out of bed. Iggy was resting on Charlie's side of the bed, keeping her company. But as soon as she left the bed, Iggy stretched out his body and followed her to the girl's room. She found Charlie awake sitting in a chair with Stella in his arms while Eliza was still in her crib.

Walking over she lifted Eliza out of the crib and walked over to Charlie's side, listening to the man speaking to their daughter in a soft tone, trying to soothe her. However, she could hear his voice cracking as he was on the verge of tears himself.

"Charlie..." Anora placed her hand over his head, to bring him to look up. She could see the tears that were on the verge of falling as he looked up at her. "It's's going to be alright."

"Is it?" He asked softly. "Look at what's happening, An. All of this is happening, and I'm not home to help my family. Well, I am protecting my family here, but what about my parents, my brothers, my sister..."

"Shhh..." Anora had to calm him down as the more the man got worked up, the more Stella and Eliza became upset. She took Stella from him and got the girls to a calmer state before setting them down into the crib before returning to him.

Iggy climbed into the man's lap and settled himself down, curling up into a ball.

"Charlie," Anora said walking around the chair to stand behind him, she wrapped her arms around him and gave him a gentle squeeze. "You come from the Weasley family, you realize that? One of the strongest families out there? Not just in magic, but in family strength. All of you support one another...with the exception of Percy right now. But he'll come around eventually, you all can't stay mad at one another forever. We know this. I've known you since we were eleven, and I've watched your other brothers and Ginny grow up. You two have incredibly strong parents, because you all made it to adulthood without one of them trying to kill you."

Charlie let out a small laugh mixed with a sob.

"That's true. But I'm sure Mum and Dad tried to kill Fred and George on one occasion." Charlie added.

" I think everyone has tried at one point, Charlie." She said leaning in with a small laugh and kissing his cheek. "Don't you worry, they're all going to be just fine. We'll all be fine. Isn't that what you told me?"


"Then believe in your own words. Besides, have you met your mother? I fear for the person's life who messes with one of you. I'd take Sultan or Birdie on before getting on your mother's bad side. That should say something."

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