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Disclaimer: I do not own anything from The Hunger Games trilogy all rights go to Suzanne Collins. I do however own Quinn and her story.

Ophelia was extra chirpy that morning as she pulled an exhausted and rather angry Quinn out of bed. The lack of sleep showed on the young woman's face as the escort coaxed her into eating; she would need her strength for training.

Quinn pushed her food around her plate with her knife, she was fed up. Fed up of the sleepless nights, fed up of the Quarter Quell and especially fed up with the idiotic woman in front of her who commented on everything she did. The victor from 5 felt her blood pressure and temperature rising as the escort told her to eat, she felt the grip on her knife tighten until her knuckles were white as the escort told her to smile, she felt her jaw tightening and her gaze hardening as the escort told her to mind her manners and look at her as she spoke and she felt herself snap as the escort shouted her name. Before the girl could blink, she had driven her knife through the escort's hand and stormed out, smashing a vase on her way out.

The screams of District 5's escort echoed through the suite but it fell on deaf ears, Quinn silently dressed for training and pulled her hair up into a tight ponytail as she stared into the reflection of her cold blue eyes. Satisfied with her appearance she wordlessly marched out of the suite with her head held high, ignoring the shouts of Ophelia and Griffin. The victor smirked as the elevator consumed her. Today was going to be one hell of a day.


"What the hell was that?!" Griffin shouted as he stormed over to his district partner who smirked at the anger in his tone. The room went silent as the other victors turned to face the pair.

"I don't know what you're talking about." The girl replied as she looked up at him, her eyes smiled as a slight pout resonated on her lips in defiance.

"You know damn fine. She's in the infirmary."

Quinn rolled her eyes as she scoffed, "Oh please, it was a scratch."

"She's going to expect an apology and if you want to be properly represented then I suggest you give it to her." Griffin grimaced as he tried to reason with the girl.

"She'll be waiting a very long time." Quinn answered as she wandered over to the archery station and programmed the simulator. "And I represent myself." She added with a wink before she began the session and lifted her bow.

Katniss watched the girl intently as she never missed a shot and smiled slightly in admiration as she shot the men behind her without as much as a glance. Haymitch was right, she is good.

There was a deep-seated anger flowing through Quinn's veins that day, she felt icier than usual and it fuelled her performance in training. The girl from District 5 had lived up to her reputation. After beating the trainers in hand to hand combat, she moved onto the trident.

"Your stance is off." Finnick spoke from behind her.

Quinn turned to look at him and as she maintained eye contact she launched the trident. "Oh it is?" She asked with feigned innocence as the weapon sunk into the head of the target dummy.

Finnick grinned at the girl as he wondered what went on in her head. He had heard about a conversation she had had with Gloss from District 1. "I hear the careers want you as their ally." He started, "You don't want to be getting in with the wrong people."

"Oh and I suppose you're the right people?" The young woman retorted.

"I could be..." He suggested leaning towards her as he maintained eye contact.