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Pen Your Pride

Party, Party, Party, Sex, Sex, Sex. Dont Forget The Violence

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I lit up a ciggerette while I was waiting for Eliza to get ready. I liked watching her get ready.She had the most amazing body ever. Eliza was my best friend.

We use to date untill I met Josh . Josh was my soul mate, and always will be. We've been together for nearly three years now. I still have fun with other people and

so does Josh. We have an open relationship, and we both like it that way. We party alot so it only comes natural.

Elzia broke my train of thought asking me for a drag of my ciggerette.

Like usual I handed her my ciggerette and got up.

I looked Eliza up and down. She looked so good in that tight black dress, It hugged her body in all the right places. She hand long blonde hair down to the mid of her back.

With nice golden high lights, all natural of course. I was jealous of her hair. I had dark brown hair down to my shoulders with clip in extensions making it longer.

I was tall but not to tall, Eliza and I stood about the same height.

She saw me looking at her so she bit her lip and winked.

She new how to tease me. Her lips were the perfect shape and size and kissing her was amazing. I miss our relationship sometimes. The pleasure a women can give another

women for some reason is a lot more satisfying then want a male can give. Even though I loved Josh it just wasn't the same.

I looked at Eliza again. Her bright blue eyes were full of excitment.

A new club opended down town and of course Eliza and I were going to its opening. We always went clubbing, Friday and Saturday's were out clubbing nights and Thursdays

were our party nights.

Eliza, Josh and I shared a big condo that my parents bought me because the felt bad for disowning me. They always bought me expensive things to make up for there lack of

parenting. I owned enough cars to open my own car garage. I had to get a big garage built out the back of the condo to fit them all in.

" Want to go now Babygirl?" I asked Eliza with a big grin on my face.

Babygirl was the nickname I had for her since we became friends. She was always shorter then but she was finally catching up.

"Yeah sure. I'm so getting drunk tonight!" She said excited

I laughed as we were heading outside. The Taxi was waiting for as at the same time it was every Friday and Saturday night.

By the time we got to the club there was a huge line.

Eliza let out a sigh.

I gave her a big smile.

We got out of the Taxi and crossed the road to the front door where the bouncers were standing.

" Miss you have to go to the end of the line" one of the bouncers said.

I point my finger and signaled for him to come over here.

He walked over and I got on my tippy toes and whispered something in his ear.

Imedetly he opened the red ropes and let Eliza and I in.

I laughed and winked at him as we walked past.

" What did you say to the bouncer Pia? Eliza asked awkwardly.

" Babygirl, nothing for you to worry about lets just get drunk and party aye?" I said with the biggest smile on my face.

That was probably my biggest mistake ever.

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