My first month without magic was the hardest thing I have ever had to endure. Then again I just looked forward to the possibility of haveing Hermione in my life again and the rough trials were worth it. I bought my own flat and the ones around it and had them up for rent - I read in a  muggle magazine that real estate was a good investment so I invested.

I was in my living room reading up on the books I had bought for school. The basic studies - Math and English - seemed close enough to the stuff I did at Hogwarts. Chemistry which I would eventually be taking reminded me alot like potions class so it should be easy. The only things that I found a bit confusing was History, Humanities and biology. I set aside the book and picked up the catalogue to my new car that I had just bought, I had yet to drive it anywhere but home though I have had my Drivers License for almost a month. It was a simple test and I felt achieve that I had passed.

The first day of school started tomorrow and I was nervous as ever. In the magic world I was known and respected because of my name. I would have to earn my respect and exclusivity in the muggle world and I was willing to do just that.

So far I was fascinated by the muggle world, I had to admit that. I mean they had things like cell phones, computers, cars, and so much more. It was pretty neat learning how to call and text on my new cellular phone that I purchased the first day I learned of the contraption. Now I fell in love with another muggle thing on the internet called Facebook. Sure it sounded like a weird name for something but it was pretty neat. I met a friend at the mall the other day - a girl - who had introduced it to me and helped me set up my own page. She then showed me how to use it, I ended up searching Hermione she had a page. I was still thinking about whether or not I should add her, I wondered if she would accept my friend request.

My phone began ringing and I picked it up. "Hello"

"Hey Draco its Whitney how are you doing?"

This was the girl I was talking about, she reminded me of Hermione except she was a few inches shorter and not as pretty.

"I'm doing good, I was going to get ready to make dinner for the night. How about you?" I asked her trying to be nice.

"Oh really now, do you mind if I join you? I can help out." She told me.

It sounded harmless so I thought nothing of it.

"Sure, that would be nice. Do you want me to come get me or do you have a ride?"

"I'm actually a block or two away at the coffee shop, I am just about to get off work. So I can easily walk over." She replied.

"Hmm coffee sounds good right now, how about I walk over and walk you back. It's getting a bit late and I don't think its safe for a young lady to be out on the streets walking after dark." I told her.

"Okay then I will see you soon"

I hung up the phone and headed over to my computer to get on facebook. I had 3 friend requests. One was from Harry Potter -weird, never knew he had one- the other was from Luna Lovegood - I guess Harry got her into it - and the last was from Hermione - my heart began beating rapidly-. I clicked accept and added them all. Now I had  4 friends total.

I clicked onto Hermione's page and looked at her pictures, she seemed happy and her most recent status talked about her having a date tonight with her Mums friends son. Great now I had competition. I just hope between the two it didn't work out.

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