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Taylor swift's voice "twenty twoooo"

Thank you for waiting patientlyOur pre boards were going on. It is kind of like an examination but not that important.

But our teachers confused the heck out of us. So we had to take is seriously.

Okay, so I started listening to All Time Low and my Godthey are like so perfect😍😍.

Alex's voice is so soft and melodious.

I'm like a die hard fan.


Chapter- Twenty Two

My mind instantly went blank. The moment I felt his lips on mine, I could feel my stomach jumping in excitement.

My toes curled up and I gripped the collar of his shirt.

His hands on my waist tightened and he pulled me more closer to him, my chest pressed against his and my legs touching his bare legs.

He was still not wearing pants.

My eyes shot open instantly and I tried to push him away.

God, what was I thinking? He was not even dressed properly.

He gave me a glare when I tried to push him and grabbed both my hands, "Let me go. " I struggled against his grip.

"Stop struggling. " He hissed, narrowing his eyes. He pulled me closer and once again pressed his lips on mine. I tried to push him away but he was too strong.

He held both my wrists with only his left hand, the other hand gripped my hair. He parted my lips and plunged his tongue inside my mouth. I gasped at the feeling and instinctively pushed my body towards him. 

He growled and let go of my hands and gripped my hips, making me let out a moan. All these feelings were driving crazy and all I wanted was to feel his body on mine. 

When he let go of me, I rested my forehead on his "Your food's gonna get cold."

"Let it be. I want to fucking eat you." He growled pulling me closer. His eyes were dark with lust.

We both were breathing hard. 

I blinked tired to comprehend his words.  And when I did, I blushed furiously. My cheeks heated up and I looked down at the floor.

"You can't." I mumbled, avoiding his gaze.

At that moment, Vitale's phone rang. I jumped away from him in shock and turned in the direction from where the sound came.

"Ciao." He greeted but his eyes were on me.

I awkwardly stood in front of him. His gaze was making me feel all hot and bothered.

"Hmm," I heard him mutter before I took a deep breathe and decided to go.

I didn't think I could handle being here.

With that thought in mind, I turned around and was about to take a step when a hand grabbed my wrist pulling me against a hard body.

I gulped. This was not nice. Actually it is nice.

But I didn't want Vitale this way. I want him to kiss me and mean it. I don't want him to kiss me and then forget about me.

The thought of him using me hurt me more than him not kissing me at all.

His hands wrapped around my waist and he placed his chin on my shoulder.

I bit my lips.

What is he doing?

Vitale never acted like this. At least not around me.

Whenever he was around me, he acted all tough and cold.

Then how come you started to like him? My conscience sneered.


How can someone not bloody like that face. Even though he acted like a bastard, he still was human and had emotions.

He just knew how to control his emotions.

And we both had our moments.

Like right now.

When he hang up his phone, I held my breath. I was confused. I didn't know what he was going to do.

I slightly turned my head and then our eyes met. I had to blink a couple of times to make sure I truly saw what I saw.

His eyes were burning with such intensity that made my whole body shiver.

"Are you planning to let me go?" I asked, my voice coming out more breathier.



I'm not even sure where this going but yea that's it.

My head in paining so badly like its not even funny.

I could written a bit longer but that could have taken time and I really wanted to update.

And thank you for waiting patiently.

And happy Janmastami to all those who are celebrating cuz we are and I'll eat and then I'll go to sleep.

Thank you.

I love you more than I do Chandler. 😁😁

PS: do ignore the kiss scene. It was awkward for me to write. 😂


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