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Min Yoongi is perfect. His cute little smile is perfect. His dark brown cat-like eyes are perfect. His husky voice is perfect. His ears with the cool black earrings are perfect. His light skin is perfect. His white teeth are perfect. Everything about him is just perfect.

That's what Hoseok thought about him. He has had a crush on him since forever.

But he only thought about him like that.

His friends couldn't stand Yoongi, they actually hated him because in their eyes he was arrogant, annoying and obnoxious.

When they would talk bad about Yoongi, Hoseok would just laugh with them and pretend that he didn't like Yoongi either.

Yoongi was one of the most popular students in the whole school and many girls and boys adored him. He was this popular because of hid looks and coolness. But no one seemed to be good enough for him to be in a relationship with him.

Hoseok wasn't unpopular either. He was a funny and kind person to be around and good-looking as well.

Hoseoks closest friends were Jungkook, Taehyung, Jimin and Jin. He had known them since many years and they were like a gang. They spent every day together and he couldn't think of better friends than them.

Jimin was his best friends, they had met in kindergarten and were like brothers.

But Jimin hated Yoongi and so did his other close friends.

They knew Hoseok was gay, Jin was gay as well, but Hoseok had never told them about his crush on Yoongi. He had not even told his best friend Jimin. He was too scared that they would find him disgusting because he liked 'Mister Arrogant'.

Though he tried hard to get rid of his feelings for Yoongi, he couldn't stop liking him.

In conclusion: everyone thought Hoseok hated Yoongi as well as his friends. Only knew that this was not the truth.

What Hoseok didn't know was that his crush wasn't one-sided.


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