#11- john gets a better job

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"Alright, come on, John! We're going to be late!" yelled Alex.

"Would you please tell me where we're going?" asked John.

"Hurry up!" said Alex, avoiding the question.

Alex dragged John to the subway platform. They got on the red line train and rode it all the way to the last stop, John badgering Alex for information the whole time.

They ascended into a giant mob of people. They joined what seemed to be a long line of people, but it was less of a line and more of a blob.

When they entered to stadium, John could tell they were at some sort of sporting event.
When they got to their seats, John figured out which sport it was.

"Alex!" he exclaimed. "We're at a lacrosse game?!?"

Alex smiled. "I saw it on a billboard and thought you might like it." he replied. "Welcome to the world of Major League Lacrosse."

"No way!" squealed John, his eyes wide. He looked like an excited little kid.

As they watched the game, John's excitement grew. He followed every pass and play, hissed at every missed ground ball, and gasped at every good shot.

When a long-stick middie from the home team made the winning shot, everyone stood up and cheered. It was then that Alex saw a familiar face two rows ahead and a little to the left.

As they were leaving, Alex went up to say hi to the little boy he had recognized.

"Hey Dean." he said.

Dean's face lit up. "Hi Alex. This is Cas." he said, pointing to another boy standing next to him in a large trench coat that seemed to swallow him.

"Maybe I'll see you around again sometime." said Alex as John was pulling him away to go get autographs from the players.

"That was an amazing shot at the end there." John said to a player with the jersey number 36.

"Thanks man." said the player, extending his hand. "I'm Will."

"I'm John."

"How old are you?" Will asked.

"22." said John, a bit confused.

Will looked John up and down. "You play?" he asked.

"I used to. For SC State." John replied.

"Well, we're in desperate need of new players. A couple of our guys are retiring, so we need some blood on the team. We're holding open tryouts, so if you want to come by, that'd be rad." He handed John a flyer. "Think about it."

********time skip cuz I'm a lazy fuck********

"Sorry, no spectators allowed at tryouts." The man at the gate said.

"But I'm his boyfriend." whined Alex.

"No exceptions." the man replied.

"I'm gonna be fine Alex. I'll meet you out here when I'm done." John said with a smile.

"Go kill 'em, babygirl." said Alex, giving John a peck on the cheek before he disappeared into the stadium.

Alex paced back and forth in front of the door for what seemed like years. He was so nervous for John. Just when it seemed like he had been waiting so long his hair had turned grey, a huge group of people exited the stadium. But John wasn't among them. So Alex kept waiting. When John finally, FINALLY came through the doors, Alex basically pounced on him for news.

John was beaming. "Meet your newest attacking player, number 76, John Laurens!" he said in a deep announcer voice.

Alex squealed loudly and jumped on him. "You did it!"

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