Blood Shades

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Blood Shades  

By: DeathXDemon  


Leera wasn't one to be messed with. She's feisty, sarcastic, holds a short temper and has a 'take no prisoners' attitude. Not only that but she has suffered an awful past with things she'd rather forget than relive. When her birthday comes and she's forced to have her blood taken, so she could meet her match- the one person who as the same blood colour as her. It was one thing she would have taken out of her life, and he's none the than Blake Wilson, the Alpha to the Full Moon pack. With runaways, scream-fests and clothe dramas, will the one thing Leera's been dreading come back? Will she relive her past again?


I'm not a fan of werewolf stories and I only got really interested in them recently. The werewolf stories on wattpad are just too similar to each other and frankly I thought I'd never come upon one...or 2 that was worth taking my time to read and actually FINISH (except for darkest desires and obviuosly this book). But for the people who ABSOLUTLEY HATE AND ABHOR werewolf stories( like I once did...well actually I still can't stand werewolf stories- unless its darkest desires/blood shades) your mind will totally change, so I DARE YOU TO READ BLOOD SHADES, go ahead .I'm not saying you will love all werewolf stories after reading this BUT you will totally respect the author for writing such an original and phenominal book, that is SO different and creative than any other werewolf book on wattpad. This book deserves WAYYYYYYYYYYY more reads than it has right now so just click on the external link on the side and prepare to not take your eyes off the book untill you are done.

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