Chapter 13- Paradox

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Quote of the day: "The aftertaste can either be good or bad; it all is in question of the fruit".

-Manhattan, New York
Avelyn Perez

-Elliot Industries

"Hey! Wait, hold that lift", I practically shouted to the man getting into the elevator. I had just parked my car in the underground parking lot before quickly grabbing everything in a bundle in my arms and running with my short feet towards the open metal box. Inhaling a lung filled breath, I came into a clear view of who this man was, none other than the devil himself- Ian Elliot.

"Thank you", I replied almost breathless. The atmosphere was still as if matter hadn't existed and the tension was potent. I dared not to look at him however his intense stare had raised my pores and I felt an instant chill run down my spine.

He hadn't replied a 'welcome' neither clicked the button to close the door. I observed him from my peripheral vision and he made no attempt to speak nor move so I clicked the button and the doors closed. I felt enclosed and suffocated, being with him and with this tension present, I felt as if something unknown shall happen. Yet I had no idea what however my heart was palpitating in my chest.

I decided to calm myself by leaning against the wall and closing my eyes releasing a deep breath I hadn't known I was holding onto. I discarded the thoughts racing through my mind like Louis Hamilton and company at a car race. I focused my mind onto me, myself and I and being at complete self peace.


"You are so beautiful, my rose", his minty fresh breath caressed my face.


I opened my eyes abruptly with a gasp. My heart was beating at rocket speed and I was cold sweating. That familiar scent of his, his touch, his warmth, his fresh minty breath, the sensations of a night well spent had enveloped me. I was beginning to long for this pleasure or moreso, for him.

I was in the prolong moment of saudade. Those eyes of my company kept staring deep into my soul and I was compelled to look at him for the first time. Another soft gasp escapes my lips from the figure next to me. Red blood shot eyes as if he was crying, a tensed body posture and his hard stare with a sorrowful expression made my heart ache.

"Are you okay?" I softly asked stepping closer to him. He looked a little boy who lost everything. His cologne wafted by my nose and I inhaled greedily.

Something about the way you-

"I'm fine", he replies curtly before turning the cold shoulder over to me. I backed away and resumed my previous posture. The both of us ignoring each other just like that day we fought in the car. Oblivion ended when those metal doors opened and as if the gates of heaven had decided to let into paradise, I rushed into my office and quickly shut the blinds; I had them put in for privacy.

The sudden beep of the intercom made me jump on the spot and I clutched my thumping heart...well, I palmed my chest. "Ruby Foster, Avelyn Perez, Brendon Hanks and Xavier Klein- in my office now!" The grumpy tone of Ian was used as he snapped and ended the message. I fixed my handbag and files neatly on my desk before scurrying off to Ian's office.

As I exited my office Brendon and Xavier were already behind the door however they weren't moving. "Guys, why are we at the door and not inside the office as yet?" I whispered which made them turn to see me.

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