Chapter 12- Inside Out

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"I've never felt this way before", he confessed huskily as I stared at him. Our eyes matching each other with potent intensity. Something about him was familiar; maybe his eyes or his voice. Those intense honey-hazel brown orbs raked my face and stopped on my lips. Unruly thoughts roamed my mind and I was intrigued to make those thoughts happen.

"What would it be like to kiss a man?" I mumbled out loud as the dirty thought caught my attention. His hands gripped my waist as his fingers met with my exposed skin. Fiery tingles shot through my cells down to my tippy toes.

"Have you been drinking?" He suddenly asks and I snap out of my dirty reverie.

Blinking multiple times, I narrowed my eyes up to him. "Huh...I haven't been that why you don't want to kiss me?" I quirked an eyebrow at him before sharply turning my face away.

He chuckled raw and manly making his chest vibrate and being pressed against him, I felt everything. "You surely are drunk..." he remarked to himself and I glared at him.

"I am not drunk!" I shouted and he winced. I realised that I was a bit too loud and the thought made me burst into laughter. "I am so sorry", I continued with my laughing, "I was a bit too loud". Then he broke into a smile that transformed my state of being into a whole new atmosphere. I noticed a dimple formig on his cheek and out of boldness, I wrapped my arms around his neck. Surprising the both of us yet we seemed to be linked as one.

This foreign feeling caught my heart in a beat and I was not nervous but only intrigued to find more within this new affection being transmitted. I wanted more yet couldn't muster up the courage to venture further. His eyes were dark and hooded as they lingered over my lips. I sucked in a breath tilting my head to the side to admire his gorgeous features.

"You are so beautiful, my rose", his minty fresh breath caressed my face.

"And you are not bad yourself, Mr. Smooth-like-a-baby's-bottom", I countered effortlessly and stunned myself. Since when was I a flirt? I failed in those things and yet alcohol let me pass.

The rich chuckle from him had me grinning. He leans closer and his arms are now gently yet slowly rubbing my back and torso in a massaging manner. "Not bad, little rose, but I can see us having dinner tomorrow?" He quirked an eyebrow.

I chuckled softly, "Last time a guy asked me out, he blackmailed me into saying 'yes' and never showed up". I felt his body go rigid and he tensed before exhaling.

"Hmm...must be an asshole", he commented rather far-minded. I rolled my eyes and huffed arrogantly.

"He is", I agreed. His eyes now were regarding me in a sharp manner which turned the mood into uncomfortable. I gently pulled away from him and he swiftly came out from his dark reverie before crushing me against the wall. Warm, moist lips pressed hard against mine as two hands found my waist in a firm grip.

I once thought of how it would be to kiss a man. How would it feel to have lips move against mine in a soft yet tender manner. And how would I move mine against his in the same manner as well. I thought that I would feel the butterflies in the pit of my stomach and my mind shall be exploding with fireworks.

In truth, what I am experiencing at the moment was beyond those expectations. Euphoria paralysed my body as my cells basked in unexpected happiness. This man knew how to kiss! His lips were firm yet soft but also manly. They moved against mine in a slow yet steady pace as the kiss transformed from hard to mellow.

Gently, he tugged my bottom lip and I sheepishly grinned into the kiss. Tenderly, he massaged his lips with mine and I found myself letting out soft moans of pleasure. And when I couldn't keep up with his soft strokes, he let go so I could catch my breath, before placing wet kisses on my jawline down to my neck.

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