Chapter 12- Inside Out

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Quote of the day: "After the first taste of the verboten fruit, left behind, is the craving but only more".

-Manhattan, New York
Avelyn Perez

-Zèn Nigntclub & Bar

"Yeahhhh!" I cheered as Zinny and Evan broke into freestyling on the dance floor. Brendon didn't leave my side since and had always been sharing goofy jokes with me. I didn't even had the chance to breathe nor stop smiling. He ensured I laughed every minute of the time being spent.

As if feeling someone's eyes on me, I glanced up to the VIP lounge but due to the alcohol effects, I could only make out a few figures. "Hey, what's gotten your attention?" Brendon snapped his fingers infront of my face.

I broke into a smile, "Nothing...". His green eyes were potent with emotion as he stared at me with a grin.

"Tell me why aren't you on the dance floor?" He quirked his manly eyebrows at me.

I chuckled before retorting, "I don't think the liquor has got me that bad as yet". He surprised me by setting his glass down and extending his hand to me.

"Join me", he gestured playfully. I frowned but couldn't refuse. The effects of the alcohol is beginning to kick in and I was feeling real good. I think this glass is my fourth and...well, I can't remember. Taking Brendon's hand, I smiled as he grinned leading me onto the crowded floor where bodies moved rythmatically.

The Dj was mixing technobeats with an R&B song, 'Fireball' by Pitbull.


"Wahoo!" The music was driving me crazy with happiness. I don't even know where Brendon disappeared too as I danced on the stage to Jennifer Lopez's 'Big Booty'. As the beat fastened, I began twerking and going down surroundings became oblivious to me as I zoned into enjoyimg myself due to the alcohol kicking in on full blast.

Suddenly I felt a firm arm lace around my waist and I was hoisted down from the stage and into a firm chest. Immediately a lovely scent graced my nose and I swooned into his arms, whoever he was. His muscular arms encircled me and I was now pressed against his frame. I could feel every muscle in his taut body.

" smell", I look up to his face and couldn't make out much but he was surely enthralling, "good..."

He grins showcasing his perfectly aligned pearly white teeth. This man before me was a God indeed. "You smell delicious too, my little rose", he finally spoke in a rich, caramelized, velvety voice. I gasped in shock and in confusion; somehow, my little rose was familiar.

Where did I see that? Or hear?

Oh the alcohol is too much. "Hmm...", I moaned out loud as his hands roamed my body yet not to the places I kept reserved. His scent and his body heat drove me to another world.

His breath was all minty and fresh with just a hint of liquor as it caressed my neck. "You're so beautiful", his warm lips grazed the path between my jaw and neckline. I moaned out of the delicious sensations it was bringing to me.

"Is this how it feels to have a lover?" I asked out of mere curiousity. He growls low into my neck as I felt him lift me before my back is the  pressed against a wall. I looked around and there was no one here, just in a corner of the club, he had me jammed against the wall. "What are we doing?" My mind was fogged with lust and curiousity to try something new yet logic was weaving through the mist.

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