Chapter 11- Letting Go

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Quote of the day: "Destressing is always a MUST in our lives".

-Manhattan, New York
Avelyn Perez

-Elliot Industries

Ian hadn't spoken to me since I ended my little defiant speech in the car. We both went our separate ways when we arrived at Elliot and he had his personal assistant bring me a salad bowl with strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, granola bits, arugula, broccoli, mushrooms, chipotlè chicken strips, avocado and sweet potato chunks.

Along the side was a bowl with greek yogurt and some freshly sliced kiwi, banana, apples and peaches in it. I was extremely shocked with the breakfast selection and to top it off, I had a cup of caramel brewed coffee and a cup of green tea.

I would thank him later for the breakfast but for now, I had to finish getting the lobbies sorted out. I had finished redecorating the top floor lobbies and now, the main lobby had to be done. This was a task at hand that needed my attention. Grasping my files and my coffee, I balanced all well whilst holding my phone.

Exiting my office, I walked down the lobby as my fellow employees took cautious glances at me. I decided to ignore them and continue my life as it is. Getting into the metallic box, Sia's 'Cheap Thrills' was playing. I zoned into the song and swayed along to the beat as I was alone in the elevator.

My merriment came to an end when those doors opened and the busy lobby welcome me. I smiled at passers-by and hurried to the conference room where Andrew arranged a short staff to help me. I wasn't going to ask Ian and given that he didn't pay heed to the well being of his own company, I decided to leave him let him be.

The room was mediocre compared to the others. Swivel chairs in all brown and leather aligned a rectangular mahogany table with an intercom and bottle water for each person. There were three men and two women sitting and conversing when I entered, greeting them with courteous manners, I placed my stuff down.

"Once again, good afternoon everyone. I am Avelyn Perez and you all are suggested assistants courtesy Andrew. How about I get your names and then we shall get into work?" I suggested and sat down at the head of the table.

To my left, the first guy stood and smiled. "I am Brendon Hanks and I work in the architectural department", he had a deep manly voice. It suited his dark raven hair and structured posture.

"I am Evan Santorini and I work in the contracting department", the guy with dirty blonde hair spoke up.

"My name is Xavier Klein and I am also from the contracting department", said the very tall one.

The lady next to them went on. "I am Zinny Phillips and I work in the interior designing department", her curly short honey hair bounced whenever she spoke.

"My name is Kassie White and I also work in the architectural department", said the one with golden locks. I smiled and nodded given that I know their names.

"'s a pleasure to meet you all. Now I am just going to jump straight into our work schedule. Basically what I want is already printed in the sheets I am about to pass out", I took out the sheets with my design. "Can you pass these down?" I gave the sheets to Brendon. "As you can see the lobby needs to be emptied of everything. All of the furniture and appliances are to the back entrance where we have the alley way. You boys can help with those and ladies, you all shall be helping me with the fixing up of the lobby".

They all nodded woth their own given expressions. "Is that okay?" I quirked an eyebrow and stood looking over at them.

"Yes boss", Brendon smirked and I smiled.

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