chapter 10

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Natsu's (pov)

I was the first to wake up and i was so bored, so i decided to shoot at hanging rocks but i did it quietly so luce wont wake up.

I hit every rock without making a sound so its ok and luce can sleep it is her birthday today.

... I know ill bring her to the place i found earlier...How am i going to get her there?... I hold her! so thats what i did she was soo cute sleeping. luckly she was still asleep so i preped every thing for her.

Lucy's (pov)

Their was a bright light that blinded me but my eyes soon agested to it and I seen someting gorgeous. It was a hit spring with a picnic basket with my favorite food. But who would do this and how? Just then I felt a pair of warm hands against my eye and a low,sweet voice from who I asume is covering my eyes saying, "Happy Birthday Luce." And to my shock it was Natsu's but why would he do this but all I say was,"Thank you Natsu." Then he segested to the food and I know he wanted to eat it. After we ate the food Natsu said, "Their,s a spot to get changed for the hot spring if you want but you probably don't since you don't have a bathing suit." Then looking down.

Natsu  (pov)

I told her about the hot spring but then I remembered that she didn't have a bathing suit so I looked down. The next thing I heard was Luce saying "I open thee gate of the maiden, Virgo!" And Virgo like all  ways asking if it punishment time. Luce just sighed and said. "No Virgo but can you get me a bathing suit from the house please. Thank you Virgo." "As you wish." Is all Virgo said before disappearing. Then she showed up with the cutest bathing suit and I showed Luce where she could get change.

Lucy's  (pov)

Natsu showed me were to get change and Virgo helped me into my bathing suit. It's a white two piece bathing suit that has lilly flowers. Virgo asked if Natsu needed one so I told her that I would ask. So I said "Natsu do you need a bathing suit or no Virgo wanted to know." I say as I see him already in one. "Never mind." I said to Virgo. We got in to the hot spring.

Sorry for the long long wait alot of stuff happened in my life but I finally around to this but I hope you like it anyways lots of love bye❤❤

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