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---------------------------English qoutes :--------------------------------------------

Girl, this town got me fading away.
You always have something sweet to say.
Ever since I met you, my dreams are foreal.
It's just the way you make me feel.
Maby love kills but it also heals.
Everytime I drop a tear
You dry all my spills.

"It's not too bad to fall inlove everytime, but besure that the one you love can also love you back."

I hate you for what you did to me;
But I miss you for how happy you used to make me.

If you want me in your life put me there. I shouldn't have to fight for A spot <3

Its a sad thing to watch such a pretty girl be scared to even give a good guy a chance. For fear of having her heart destroyed once again.

I understand its hard to let people go,
I get that we were so much to eachother,
but when will you see how much you hurt me?
get it through your head, i'm done with you.

Why did you have to die?
Why did you have to leave me here alone?
I need you more then anything,
I don't know how to make it without you,
But i guess as these tears pour,
I should start to learn </3

Relationships are hard;
Making it work takes two;
If you're the only one trying,
Why stay with a person who obviously
doesn't want it to work like you do?

"I love two ladies in the world,
who birth me and for whom I born. (PP)

If you want to be happy
Forget the past & live your life & do not stand too much on your past memories
Don't run behind the one who isn't thinking of you
And remember no one will die after losing someone in their life the life will go on <3

Everybody makes mistakes,
Nobodys perfect; Called flaws,
Some can be forgiven, Others cant,
if they work their butt off to show u theyve changed,they are sorry & u don't forgive them;
When u see wat u did; Dont expect them to forgive u.

If you care about her, chase after her.

Guy: hey can I take a photo of you?
Girl: what for???
Guy: so I can show Santa exactly what I won't for Christmas

The worst thing wouldnt be if you said you didnt love me, the worst would be if you said you just thought of me as a friend because that means that i read every sign wrong and you never felt the same why and you never will...

I dont want to tell you i love you when its to late. i dont wanna run up to your door and tell you and you say you've already found somebody else. i dont wanna get the courage to tell you and have you say the feelings have passed.

I asked you if you love anyone. you said you didnt, and i said i didnt believe you. then you said you trust me enough that if you did love someone i would be the first to know. that is enough for me because the key to a strong relationship is trust.

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