The past 3 days I watched Hermione come and go at different times. Day 1 Hermione left and returned an hour later with a muggle contraption she called a laptop. From the screen I saw what seemed to be a page for signing up for the University of London. Day 2 I waited for 5 hours only for her to return with a large bag of books. Day 3 she left again but this time it was for almost 9 hours. Today she was in the library reading her books, just like the last 3 days she was avoiding me.

I walked into the library and over to where she was sitting before I snatched the book fom her hands. She looked up at me with a look close to hatred on her face. "It's rude to ignore" I mumbled to her.

She got quickly to her feet and held out her out her hand. "Draco give me my book. Now"

I took a step back and set it on a desk. "Hermione, please tell me why you are doing this to me?"

"Doing what?" she snapped.

Throwing my hands up I looked at her with a crazy look on my face. "Everything. Why do you have to ruin our relationship because of your parents."

Hermione glared at me with a look that could kill. "Your parents did the same thing Draco."

"Don't say that, you were there. You know they didn't know I loved you, I was just afraid to tell them. My parents died for us in the end." I practically yelled.

Hermione moved towards me with her finger pointed at me. "Don't you dare yell at me in that tone." she hissed.

"You know its true! My father even told you-"

Hermione covered her ears. "Shut up! Just shut up!" Her face turned pink as she pushed past me.

"Hermione!" I said walking after her. "Where are you going!" I followed her out of the library and down the stairs just to see her head towards the door. "Don't leave" I begged, blocking the door.

Hermione crossed her arms and tapped her foot ferviously. "Move Malfoy"

It seemed like I was going to lose this fight either way. She either stayed here and remained pissed off or she left and was pissed off. I respected her enought to not hold her against her will so I stood aside and let her walk out. "You don't have anywhere to go" I called after her.

She stopped and turned her head towards me for a moment. "I have parents" she murmered before she headed toward the gates and turned on the spot.

I stared at the place she had apparated from for the longest time before I realized she was gone. I wanted Hermione in my life, I wanted to grow old with her. I thought about the conversation - argument - we had the other day and realized that I was wanting her to want to live the way I wanted to. I never once considered living the life she wanted to live, that was, until she left. I realized I was prepared to do anything for her, be anything for her. I just wanted her back.

I headed to my room and got my traveling cloak on before I headed to Diagon Alley. I stared up at the massive building of Gringotts. Heading inside I took out my wand and handed it ot the Goblin.  "I'd like to exchange half the money in my vault into muggle money." I told him.

The goblin eyed me curiously befoer heading off to get my money. He returned 5 minutes later with a suit case. "Mr. Malfoy here is your muggle money, fifty-million dollars."

"Is that alot?" I asked him as I took the large suitcase.

"It's alot sir Malfoy. Good day to you."

I nodded my head and headed out of the bank to a apparation point. Turning on the spot I came out into an alleyway. To my left was the University of London. Smiling I headed forward and into the admissions office to start the long process of becoming a student.

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