Blinded with hope (Legolas/LOTR)

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Celebrian walked around Rivendell smiling at anyone she saw and enjoying the beauty around her. She always loved going on walks, whether it was by herself or with someone. She decided to go to the forest as she hadn't been there in a while and it was such a calming place anyways, it would be perfect.

She hummed softly as she made her way through the forest. It had been a quiet day in Rivendell and everyone just went about their normal lives.

Her humming ceased as soon as she saw a thin line of red blood on the forest floor, it stained the perfect green carpet and stuck out like a sore thumb. Celebrian looked away from the ground and around the place, searching to see if anyone was hurt.

''Hello?'' she said and was about to place her hand to her sword, she doubted that a person who was injured would be even that much of a threat anyway, She abandoned the sword when she heard soft short whimpers and a line of coughs. Celebrian inched forward suddenly curious.

She gasped when she saw a little elven girl sprawled on the ground, her hair scattered around her face and her chest slowly rising. The little girl had cuts and bruises all over her arms and legs and a large gash going across her face, her left arm was completely black and was definitely broken, a small pool of blood lay around her. It broke her heart to see someone so innocent to look like this.

Celebrian rushed over to her and kneeled beside her, she would have to take the child back and quick as the little girl wasn't that far off death. She as gently as she could lifted her into her arms and started to go back, hurriedly.

The little girl coughed again and Celebrians hands and arms and parts of her clothes were stained with the child's blood, she didn't care though she just wanted to make sure that the child was all right.

As soon as she came back she rushed to the healing houses, in those last few moments the child had gotten paler, if possible and was dying fast.

She gently laid her on a bed and asked for some healers to help while Celebrian gently brushed away the hair from the child's face.

Who had done this to her? An innocent child! Celebrian sighed and someone said they would tell Elrond of what had happened. She looked at the little girl as she was being healed, where are her family? Would they not care? She should have had someone with her, maybe she didn't have anyone?

Maybe she was attacked by orcs? ''Celebrian?'' asked Elrond, his voice sounded rushed as he walked over to her.

''What happened?'' he said his gaze fell on the child. ''Elrond, I found her, in the forest, she was dying'' explained Celebrian. Elrond looked back at her before he asked ''Who is she?'' he said and looked at the child again.

''I do not know'' she replied and sighed. Elrond gently took Celebrians hand and leaded her outside.

''Come with me, just for a second'' he said and walked with her to somewhere they could talk alone. He stopped and Celebrian looked at him.

''Was it wrong to bring her back here?'' she asked. Elrond shook his head ''No, not wrong'' he said and sighed.

''I, I just don't know, Celebrian'' he said and looked away.

''She was dis-owned'' he finished. Celebrian looked at him ''What did she do?''

To be dis-owned she obviously had to have done something that her parents no longer wanted her.

''Nothing, they simply didn't want her'' he said quietly.

''Elrond, we could take care of her'' suggested Celebrian. Elrond looked at her again

''You would actually want that?'' he asked slightly surprised. Celebrian sighed slightly.

''I do, I just have this feeling..'' she said. ''I know it sounds odd, but Elrond when I look at her'' she said and smiled.

''Of course, it is her choice, but we could offer it?'' she said hopeful that Elrond would agree. A small smile appeared on his face ''I would love that idea'' he said.

That was the start of it all, the day that she was dis-owned she was adopted into a new family, her perfect family.


 Airiana laughed as her horse rode like through the wind through the forest, not that far behind her was Arwen also laughing. There was nothing funny it was just more of the fact that she was happy, very happy. Airiana stopped her horse as she smiled and looked back at Arwen.

''I believe I won that time'' she said and smiled. Arwen's horse stopped beside her and Arwen smiled.

''Are you sure, Airiana?'' she said and moved her horse a little more forward ''I believe you were'nt fully over the line'' she said and smiled. Airiana dropped her smile and pouted slightly ''That's not fair!'' she said and smiled.

Airiana, was not the same 'little child' like those so many years ago, she had fit in perfectly with her family and she was obviously older, she considered herself extremely lucky and was very grateful, for everything. Airiana slowly bent down and gently stroked her horse as she looked at Arwen.

Arwen smirked ''Sorry'' she said and smiled as she walked her horse back home ''We should really go back'' she said as she was already a bit ahead. I gently whispered to my horse ''Fly like the wind, Arana'' I said and stroked her again as I kicked her and she did as I asked, I would win this time.

''I am going to win!'' I smiled as I passed her and raced home. ''Hey! I already won!'' she said and chuckled as she followed me. I laughed again and gripped onto the reins tighter, how can I explain fully to you.

I can feel what Animals feel and my moods are inspired by them, it also has an advantage, it means that I have a connection with them, the most fiercest animal wouldn't touch me instead it would act like a baby kitten or something that is harmless. 

Arana stopped and I smiled back at Arwen ''See! I won!'' I said and smiled at her as I stroked Arana. ''Good girl'' I said softly and stuck my tongue out at Arwen as she smiled at me. I dis mounted Arana and walked her towards the stables.

''Are you happy that you won?'' she smiled at me. I nodded ''I am'' I smiled and walked Arana into her stall before I closed the door and picked up an apple in my hand and Arana ate it. I laughed lightly ''You do know that there are people who would take great care of Arana and you wouldnt have to do so much work'' said Arwen as she walked over to me. I shrugged ''I trust myself to know that my horse is taken care of'' I answered simply and smiled at Arana.

''Well, come on'' Arwen said and started to walk back out of the stables, I rubbed Arana's nose one more time before I followed her.



Hi :) So this is the first Chapter of this book, which I am excited to write as I love writting Legolas/LOTR Fanfics :) I hope you liked this chapter and please comment what you thought.

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