20. Oblivion

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He stayed for 4 nights.  4 mornings of unbelievable sex before work, 4 days of him taking me to work and then meeting me for lunch.  4 days of him picking me up and taking me home to repeat the process. 

His sexual appetite was insatiable and I found myself thriving on it.  My body began to crave him as each meeting grew closer.  I had never, and I mean never, wanted to be with someone as much as I did Jay. 

The way he looked at me, the way he touched me was something I'd never before experienced.  Every night I silently cursed Tracy for the doubt she'd instilled in him and every night I was grateful that he'd trusted me to help him overcome it.

We had gone out for dinner on Tuesday night, but had cut it short as we admitted that all we really wanted was to spend our time together.  So, each night since then we had headed straight home and spent the night in each other's arms. 

It was a special feeling to come home to a meal that Jay had prepared and each time I looked around the house I could see little things that he'd done for me.  Some would say insignificant repairs, but each and every one meant so much to me.

When he'd brought me home on Thursday, he'd seemed a little anxious.

"I have a surprise for you." He admitted as he led me into my house.

"Oh?" I asked somewhat nervously. 

"Don't be so worried Mia."  He laughed as he led me into my room.

He stood back and I looked at the prints he'd put up on my wall.  My jaw dropped as I studied them. 

"I want you to see yourself like I see you."  He whispered as he stepped up behind me. 

"That's me?"  I asked sceptically, before thinking back to the night I'd stripped for him. 

"That's all you babe."  He confirmed. 

"That's how you see me?"  I asked surprised. 

"That's how you are."  He whispered.  "Sexy as all fuck!"

I studied the photos, completely in awe that they were me. I remember the night he'd taken them, but never imagined that they'd look like they did.

"They're sexy." I muttered in awe and Jay came up behind me, his arms wrapping around my waist.

"You are sexy babe, they just reflect the truth."


There were 3 different photos lined up on my wall, none of them showed anything explicit but they were all suggestive. 

"Babe, I love them."  I admitted as I laid my head against his shoulder.

"Come home with me tomorrow Mia. It's our second last weekend before we go overseas and I'd really like you to catch up with Megan again."

It was different to be travelling with him, there was no anxiety, no nerves, no 'what ifs'. Although there were definitely some 'what the fuck' moments as Jays hand settled between my thighs. His eyes were sparkling playfully as his fingers inched up my skirt.

"Jay!" I warned and he smirked as he threw a blanket over my lap and continued what he was doing.

"Take your panties off Mia." He said after struggling to push them aside.

As discreetly as I could, I lifted and slid them down. "Stop."


"Leave them there babe." His voice was as deep as his eyes as he looked at my panties sitting around my knees.

"Do you know how naughty you look right now?" He asked, his voice causing my breath to catch.

"How much I want to put you over my knee and spank you?"  His eyes were impossibly dark as he looked from my panties to my eyes.

"You want to spank me?" The confusion I felt was overshadowed by the huskiness of my voice and Jay growled as he heard it.

"Very much so."

I moaned as he easily slipped his fingers inside me.

"Your kitty is so fucking wet, does that thought excite you Mia?"  Our eyes were still locked tight, his boring into mine as if he could read every thought I'd ever had.

"I don't know." I whispered honestly.

"I think you do." He smirked as he slipped a third finger inside me, his palm rubbing against my clit as he pushed against the bundle of nerves deep inside me.

"I think you have a naughty side Mia, a side that you've never had the confidence to explore." His voice was hypnotic. "Am I right?"

I nodded, unable to speak as I drew short, sharp breaths.

"Do you have naughty little fantasies babe?" He asked as his fingers moved harder and faster.

"Yes."  I moaned loudly and he smiled.

"I'm gonna make you cum now babe." His fingers were pressing against that most pleasurable spot and I felt myself tightening around him.

"Unless you want everyone to know what I'm doing to your beautiful, juicy cunt, you need to be nice and quiet okay?" His eyes held mine and I nodded my understanding. "Good girl." He whispered as he circled his palm over my clit and pumped his fingers fast and deep.

I bit down on my bottom lip as I tightened around his fingers, my body shuddering as he put more pressure on my clit.

"Jay." I moaned deeply as I released on his fingers, his eyes incredibly dark as he smiled.

"That was beautiful Mia." His voice travelled over me as if it were his hands and I moaned in response.

Slowly removing his fingers, he wiped them on my lips before running his tongue over them and then kissing me. Every time I thought he'd done it all, he'd surprise me by doing something new and I loved it all.

"I've been living in a cave haven't I?" I asked and he smirked.

"Definitely not in my cave babe."  He said suggestively.  "I'd say that you've more had your head buried in the sand." He groaned then and I scrunched my face as I wondered why. "I just got a visual."


"Of you on your knees and your sexy asse in the air, just waiting for me to fuck it."

My face flushed and I opened my mouth to say something, but I didn't know what, so I just closed it again.

"Am I going to be enough for you Jay? You know, sexually?" I eventually asked. 

His face turned serious as his eyes pierced mine, making me wish more than anything that I'd kept my mouth shut.  I watched as his jaw clenched, powerless to look away. 

"Are you fucking serious Mia?" 

I just looked into his anger filled eyes, not able to make a single move.  I watched as he composed himself, but it did nothing to settle my nerves. 

He took a deep, steadying breath before he continued. 

"We've both been through our own shit Mia."  He stopped momentarily and took another breath.  "I thought we'd established that I'm the one that shows my feelings by actions." 

I swallowed the lump in my throat as he continued. He took another steadying breath before he reached up to cup my cheek.

"You are enough. You are more than enough." He whispered. "You are what I want.  You are who I want to be with.  You are who I want to fuck into oblivion."

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