#1. Story Time

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Firstly I would like to say thank you for reading this book of mine. I really tried my hardest to make the storyline as appealing as possible (plus this is one my favourite books to write. It basically writes itself😁)

Anyway, please note that sentence that are in italics are Afrikaans and/or Setswana which will be written in English in brackets.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it.
❤ Y'all

Brian Williams above


It had been a lil' over two hours, and Brian couldn't sleep, even though he just busted a nut three times a few hours ago, sleep still alluded him

This always happened. Almost every night he'd wake up either from a nightmare, or not being able to sleep at all. It was always the same tug-a-war inside him that would happen at this time of night. He'd think of his life, and the choices he made, his mother and how she doesn't talk to him, but would want money from him every time she was in a rut. How after his father left his brothers and mother, that he had to join a gang just to help out with cash flow in the house

His mother didn't approve of this, so they didn't talk much anymore. His brothers were big shots, working legal jobs, rather than what he did, but at least they gave him the time of day. But mostly...mostly he'd think about how heartless, and fucked up he'd become in his twenty-eight years of life

People generally thought that he chose this life for himself, the life of a gangster, but the reality was that it wasn't his choice. Some would even go as far as to say why didn't he leave this lifestyle, it brought him so much pain, made him the kinda man he never wanted to be. But he knew that it was hard to leave something that you thrived in, something that keeps you from going maal (craze)

He'd seen too much bloodshed, too many of his brethren dead that he didn't even know what it felt like to sleep like a baby anymore, but hey, it is what it is

The bitch that he'd just slept...nuh scratch that, that he'd just fucked, was sound asleep. Matter of fact, she was snoring, which was annoying him a little, so he shook her in hopes of waking her up, but all she did was stir a little, and turned so her back was facing him. He tried once again, by shaking her a little harder, this time she didn't even move

I must have wore her out he thought, smirking

It didn't seem like she'd be waking up anytime soon, so he did what most people wouldn't expect, kicked her off his bed. She landed on the floor with a thud, which caused him to chuckle a little

"Hai man vok" she shrieked, as she got up off the floor, "Wats vout met jou man? Hoekom het jy dit gedoen? Ek was slaap mos" she frowned at him, or at least that's what he thought she was doing
(What the fuck! What's wrong with you? What you do that for? Especially since I was still asleep)

He smirked at her, even though the room was dark and she couldn't see him, "Voetsek. Gaan huis toe, of jy kan eimand anders ass gie, dit maak'ie saak'ie met my. Although I gotta say, thanks for the fuck" he folded his arms on his chest
(Fuck off. Go home, or you could go give someone else ass, I particularly don't care)

"Wat?" She sounded shocked, like this bitch didn't know how heartless he was. To him, bitches are good for one thing, and one thing only...to scratch an itch, and that's precisely what she just did for him. He needed a way to relieve some of the stress he'd had today, and she helped tremendously

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