Chapter 15: Escape

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Chloe's pov

I was nervous. This was the only plan we had and the only way to go back to Brian before it was too late. Rebecca, or actually Alicia, this is confusing, had to find a reason to let her out from her cell, even for a little while. It had to be at some point when everyone would be asleep, so we only had to worry about the guards. We had to take them out quietly, grab Rebecca and leave. It wouldn't be long till they knew we were gone, so we had to move fast.

Cole wasn't that sure. He'd tried finding a plan to leave before, but he was alone. He couldn't take everyone out on his own, but now he has me. I'm still learning, but I can do a few things. Plus, no one suspects anything, so no weird-plan-that-we-don't-like involved.

"It's time", Cole came inside the room.

I took a deep breath and got up. It was 1 a.m., everyone was either asleep, or guarding some place inside the pack.

I opened the window and looked outside. It was dark and quiet, so I climbed out, Cole following me. Rebecca had to be somewhere around here...

"There she is", Cole whispered. I turned to look at her, she had two people by her side and she seemed to be talking to them about something, cheerful as ever. They remained serious though.

"Are you ready?", he whispered to me.

I nodded and focused on one of them. I'm doing this for Brian. For my mate. It's way harder than breaking a window, but I practiced it. You know how many times I threw Cole across the room trying to get it right? Fun times...

I moved my hand and at first, nothing happened.

My mate needs me.

At that thought, I tried it again, swiftly throwing him into a tree, knocking him out. Point one for Chloe!

Cole didn't even have to think about it twice and his guy dropped to the floor gasping for air, until he passed out.

"Show off", I muttered and heard him chuckle. We ran over to Rebecca who seemed a little taken aback.

"I didn't actually think we'd make it", she said.

"Alicia Chloe, Chloe Alicia", Cole made the introductions. Have to remember gold eyes means the wolf has taken over, this is Rebecca's wolf.

"Great, let's leave now", she said and was right. If no one had heard us then these two would warn them when they came round. We had to be quick.

Alicia knew her way around her pack, so we got out of their territory without running around in circles.

We are going to make it. We are actually going to make it.

We were still running when a car stopped in front of us, making us freeze, and the passenger door opened. I didn't expect what followed though.

"We were late weren't we? I told you you shouldn't have taken a right at Crescent Moon! Why didn't I drive?", Alex said.

"Sure, we can discuss that, or we can get the hell out of here?", Jeremy said from the driver's seat.

I was shocked to see them here, but a grin was forming on my lips. They came to look for me. That however led to the question, why wasn't Brian here? Was he mad at me for leaving? Did something happen to him? Did Daniel take control earlier than we thought? Is he ok?

I shoved Cole and Rebecca into the car and followed after them. Jeremy turned around and stepped on it.

"How did you find me?", I asked them.

"Silver Blood helped...", Alex said.

~ 2 hours earlier ~

Alex's pov

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