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 :-) check out her latest work 'Teach Me How To Strum' it's really adorable and deserves a couple of looksies (gosh I'm silly)


I'm just going to be honest and say that wattpad is a wasteland for the literary rapists and the grammatical whores. The MAJORITY of Wattpad is full of these people, but thank God for the MINORITY, the ones with the amazingly awesome stories. Some of these amazing stories don't receive 1/4 of the recognition they deserve because wattpad is overcrowded with lame ones!

There are some really good stories that get the recognition they deserve, for instance 'Superman Stole My Panties'. AMAZING STORY, I loved reading it all the way! There are others 'Lessons On Love' and oh theres just so many out there.

But what about the great stories that don't receive the recognistion they deserve? (Yes I'm kinda salty, not that my stories are great, its just that well....*tears*)

Anyway, there are a couple of stories I believe deserve more recognition on this site.

'Black eyes & White lies' by KissesFromTheDead is fresh story about werewolves, theres only one chapter up, but so far I'm impressed that no ones run out screaming 'oh my god mate mate mate'. No seriously, the grammar is down to the T and the point of view works incredibly well for the story. Whoever reads this should definitely check it out if your looking for a fresh story about those furry little beings (:

'More Poison in Your Coffee?' by DeliriousMoon is a murder mystery investigated by an amateur sleuth, a young black woman who owns the coffee shop and risks her life to solve it. Its always good to see a story centered around a black woman!

'Gossamer' by savetheoutcasts is a mind teaser definitely, its a really good twist on werewolves and not cliche at all!

'Colors Forgotten' by  InsipidLives will leave you on the edge of your seat wondering whats going on. There are so many twists and turns and she's only made it to the fourth chapter! If your looking for a good mystery then definitely check that out.

There are a lot more stories, I just got lazy lol.

But anyways! There are so many trash stories in the Whats Hot List it makes me wonder. Do people enjoy reading crap? Or am I just a Grinch?

Meh, I don't expect anyone to read this, but if you do please be sure to check out the above stories. You will not be disappointed!

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