30 Reasons Why I Hate You

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30 Reasons Why I Hate You

By: Lanipoo66

*There are 30 reasons why I hate you. There are so many reasons and excuses why...This is my story why I, "Sky Nicole Jones" hates Mayson Andrew Martain.*

Chapter 1

"Okay class today i want you to write an essay on what you love about anyone in this room, school, household, or just someone you know in particular." My stomach clenched tight as I could feel my bright rosy cheeks turn a dark, reassuring, cherry, red. I slowly raised my hand and interrupted Ms. Williams from describing the assignment. "Yes, Sky?" "Um, well when you say love what do you actually mean by that?" A smile flashed across her face and sat in her huge comfortable chair. "Can anyone tell me there definintion of love? Anyone?" His eyes were lingering around the room. I watched him carefully make eye contact with me and grin. As I starred in his deep brown eyes he raised his hand. "Yes Mayson." "Love is an emotion...Fatel attraction between a girl and a boy or a woman and a man. Which ever tickles you're peach." "Very good Mayson. Is their anyone in here that you have feelings for?" The class was on the edge of they're seats as they waited for his reply. "Well i'd rather not say. I think that's personal." "Awww come on we're all good people here. Nothing leaves this room just our secrets to share." "Well...Okay." I could hear my heart beating irregulary waiting for his response.





"So! Who's the lucky girl!" The class cheered with excitement and crowded around him. I was the odd girl out of course. "Well she's different. I really like her I just hope she'll give me a chance." "Who is she!What's her name!," Students blurted out. "Sky?" The room gasped and the crowd opened up to me. He made his way over to my desk and looked me straight in the eye. "I like you Sky." I smiled and slowly got out of my chair. "I like you too." The class was still silent and waiting. Anticipating for who does what. "And why do you like a girl like me? I mean there are plenty of girls who would kill to even talk to you. So why me?" "You're the one girl who doesnt think of me like i'm the most popular guy here. you see right through that and I like that about you. You're smart, funny, extremley pretty and you give great advice. You're perfect for me." "I thought so." I smiled and went into his welcoming arms. His embrace was sweet and warm.

That was 2 long years ago....now being a freshman in highschool I see that he's changed alot and now I have 30 reasons to hate you as much as he has 30 reasons to love me.

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