Chapter 49

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(Chloe POV)

Next Morning I Went Into Work In A Great Mood. Me And Levy Had A Whole Baby Conversation. I Really Hope Things Turn Out For The Best.

"Morning Nurse Davis" Is All I Heard As I Walked Down The Halls.

"Morning" I Said Back.

I Greeted More People And Then Headed To Go See My Everyday First Patient... Taylor. I Headed To Her Room To Take Vital Signs And Brains Activity And All The Good Stuff. On My Way There I Decided To Call Lia.

"I Love You But This Is Way To Early" She Said After Answering The Phone.

Phone Convo...

Me - Morning

Lia - Goodmorning To You To

Me - What You Doing?

Lia - Somebody Sounds Happy

Me - Cause Somebody Is

Lia - What Happen?

Me - It Went Well.

Convoy Continues...


"Well Goodmorning Tay" I Said As I Walked Into The Room.

Everyday I Walk In Here I Always Have A Little Convo With Tay. But Who Would've Thought Today Would Be Totally Different.

"Looks Like Your Vitals Are Okay. Brain Activity As Increase Dramatically."

"But It Looks Like Everything Has Froze. I Think Something Is Wrong With The Machine" I Said As I Tapped On The Machine Expecting It To Unfreeze.

"Its Not Broken" I Heard. I Recognized The Voice. It Was Tays.

"Really... Well We Have To" I Paused Midway. Thinking... How The Hell Did She Answer? And Then I Looked Down At Where I Expected Tay To Be. In Her Bed But She Wasn't. I Was To Into My Good Day That I Didn't Realize She Wasnt There. The Needles That Were Suppose To Be In Tays Arms Were All There Though.

"Right Here" She Said From Behind Me. "I Didn't Know You Were A Nurse. You Know Its Good To See You Chloe" She Said

There She Was In Her Hospital Gown. Wide Awake. She Walked With A Limp -Well More Like A Hop On Leg- Back To The Bed.

"I Know You Guys Hate When Your Patients Get Out Of Bed... But I Had To Pee Real Bad" She Said Sitting On The Bed.

"Oh My God Tay Your Awake" I Said As I Hugged Her Tightly.

"Yeah I Am... My Eyes Are Open Aren't They?" She Said Hugging Me Back.

"Tay Your Really Awake" I Said. I Was Just Really Excited.

"Yeah I Am Chloe.. Now Why Am I In Here" She Said. "Hospitals Aren't My Thing" She Said. "Nor Are These Clothes And Cast" She Added.

"Tay Do You Remember Anything That Happen To You?" I Asked Her.

"I Remember Getting My Behind Beat" She Said. "Then Everything After That No" She Said As She Layed Back Down.

"When?" I Asked Her.

"Since Its Morning.... Yesterday" She Said.

"So You Don't Remember Anything At All?" I Asked Her.

"Not Really" She Said. "Should I?" She Asked.

"Tay You've Been Asleep" I Told Her.

After Sitting Beside Tays Bed And Explaining Everything. The Fact That She've Been Asleep For Almost 2 Months And All The Important Stuff... I Then Called For Her Doctor To Come In And Check Tay. Just Because She Woke Up Doesn't Mean Everything Is Perfect. Dr. Yahiri Did The Usual... Ask Questions And Check Pulses, Heart Rate And Vital Signs.

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