Ch. 22 Home

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Alpha Lennox Hall

    I don't want to leave Jocelyn, but I know she's safe. Rachel isn't anywhere near us, she went where Travis and I don't have any influence. Rachel might not be completely stable, but she's not stupid. She'd pick a pack we're not allies with and ask for protection.
We get to the air strip just in time to see a small plane a lot like mine land. I know we don't need all the men we brought with us, but Travis likes to look very intimidating and menacing. Word of this meeting will make its way through the packs and image is everything.

    The doors open and three men get out shoving a tall skinny man in front of them. Chris Rhys doesn't look scared or angry about his son's betrayal, merely resigned to the fact he's going to die today.
Travis, Andrew and I walk towards the four men, meeting them half way. "It's been a long time Chris." Travis says, almost politely.

He nods. "How have you been? How's Jenna?"

"She's happy to have our daughter back." He replies, for the first time I hear his barely contained rage.

"But you lost another I heard." Chris replies, smugly.

"I guess we know where Rachael went." Andrew states amused.

"Tell me what you know and I'll kill you quickly." Travis offers.

"She's in Canada. From what I heard she said she was making her way into the Red Wolf Pack." Rhys supplies.

"She's smart, I'll give her that." I say. The Red Wolf Pack is as large as mine. They stick to themselves and refuse
outsiders on their land. They've never been in a feud with another pack, simply because an attack on their lands would be a disaster. The land is rugged, it would be like attacking in the dark, not knowing where or what to expect.

"I just hope she stays there." Travis replies, tiredly. "That's all you know?"

"She came to Brett for help. She wanted to mate with him and discuss attacking your pack. She is convinced she knows where your pack is weak and could take you out. She even talked to other packs and tried to make allies for a possible strike."

"What were the results?" I ask.

"She didn't get anyone to bite." He answers.

"I didn't get any phone calls." Travis replies, seriously.

"No one wants to get involved in your family problems. She sounded like a spoiled brat talking to Brett. Just like the rest of the Alphas, Brett told her no and to get off his land. When she left she said she didn't care, that the Red Wolves were going to help her. No one is taking her seriously and I doubt the red wolf pack will either."

"How did she even get on their land? They're not known for their hospitality." Andrew asks.

Rhys shrugs and we all share a look. He doesn't know anything else. I know what's coming, so when Travis ends the conversation I'm not surprised.

"Let's go." Travis orders, motioning for Chris to walk ahead of us. As soon as we take two steps Travis grabs Chris head from behind and twists it to the side snapping his neck it seconds. His body fails and Travis orders the three men that brought him here to take him back home.

    We stand by the cars discussing options regarding Rachel's revenge plot. Our only real course of action is to call Alpha Thompson of the Red Wolf Pack. "Do you think he was telling the truth?" Travis asks.

"Maybe. We need call around and see what the other Alphas have to say." Andrew states.

"Jocelyn and I are leaving today." I state. I need to get home, work is piling up and Jocelyn still has school. Plus, I really want her to myself. I want to have breakfast and dinner, with just the two of us. I want to let my guard down with her, I haven't been able to relax. As an alpha on another alpha's territory, it's impossible to feel completely at ease.

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