How we met.

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10 years ago...
"Guys don't go in the classroom. It has Dongmin disease. Once you catch it, you will become a nerd and have no voice." A horrible boy said and successfully got everyone out of the classroom and everyone spoke bad words about him.

"What have i ever done? I thought a new year a new start. Guess not." Dongmin thought and a tear slowly came down his cheek.

"Why are all of you outside of the classroom?" A girl asked. "Dongmin disease" other girl whispered. The girl was annoyed "what had the poor boy done?" She thought.

She went in without second thought and walked up to him and asked "Gwanchana? (Are you okay?)"

Dongmin looked up from the table and stared at her. "Aren't you scared? I have dongmin diseases." He said.

"Yah! There is no such thing as Dongmin diseases. Its just them being horrible." She said brightly and handed him a tissue "stop crying. Boys are not suppose to cry."


"I am Kim jaemi. Let's be friends. Chingu" she gave him the brightest smile possible.

And from the day on wards they always stuck together and Jaemi always stops people from bullying dongmin. Sometime, she got bullied by some of the girls as well, because she told off their "boyfriends". She never complained about it because she did it for her love, dongmin. She never even talked about her getting bullied to anyone. Sometimes she will earn some bruises from the girls, and dongmin always notice, but she always makes up excuses saying she fell over or walked into a door. And dongmin always have plasters and such ready to use and apply for her. Its because of his caring side made her fell for him more. Also more angry at the people at their school, dongmin is such a kind person but people just dont see it. "What is wrong with nerds? They are caring and sweet." She always thought to herself.

Until the last day of school,
because they got parted as they are going to different junior high.
"Promise me we will keep in contact okay?" Dongmin said.
"Okay clingy freak" she said and laughed. "Dongmin-ah... I cant be there to protect you anymore. Be strong, okay?"

"I am a grown boy! I will learn how to protect myself dont worry MUM." He said emphasising the word MUM. And started running as he knows what happens next.

"Yah!!! Lee DongMin!!! I am not your mum. Wait until i catch you. You are so dead." She shouted and ran after him.

They had a lots and lots of fun that day, but one thing Jaemi regrets its never confessing to him. She didnt have the bravery to do so.

When junior year started, both of them got busy with studying and well life in general. When they tried to arrange a time to meet up, that never happens at the end, as school trips, family dinner, exams....

They gave up after a year. And from best friends, they turn into strangers.

They bump into each other a couple of times but not as dongmin and jaemi, it was Eunwoo and the new version of jaemi.

They didnt know the person right infront of them was the person they always wonder how were they?

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