Chapter 16

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She was going to see him again tonight.  Fallon could hardly contain her exuberance.  She had seen a lot of him in the recent weeks, had delightfully danced in his arms at Almack’s.  They had met at garden parties, a social here or a soiree there, always there eyes searching for the other.  Breathlessly, Fallon would offer him a coquettish smile.  Braeden’s eyes would languidly rake over her, before he would amble over to where she stood. She would whisper her delight at seeing him.  He would murmur sweet nothings for her ears only and nobody was wiser about the raging inferno of lust between them, nobody except Louis.

‘Did you get it Louis?’  She asked her maid expectantly.

Louis nodded with a smile.  ‘I hope you will like it my lady.  The only colour the modiste had was black.’

‘”Black?”’  Fallon was disappointed.  ‘Will it suit? __ I do not believe it will.’

‘Try them on,’ Louis prompted.  ‘I think it will look attractive against your fair skin.’

‘Will he like it?’  Colour flooded Fallon’s cheeks.

‘Pray tell me, my lady, how is the earl going to get the opportunity to admire your silk chemise and bloomers at the opera?’  Louis raised her eyebrows questioningly

Fallon laughed softly.  ‘At the soiree at Lady Carissa’s, Earl Hampton told me when the lights go out, I should meet him behind the curtain.’

‘My lady!’ Louis’ hand covered her mouth.  ‘That is far too dangerous.  I shall be fired.  Infact I shall not allow you to ___.’

‘Louis, Louis, Louis,’ Fallon sighed, taking the comb to her blonde curls.  ‘You know you can’t say no to me and I have to meet him, I just have to... I want to,’ she determined with steely eyes.

‘But what if you get caught? Louis weakened. ‘You will become a social outcast.’

Fallon smiled mischievously.  ‘Isn’t that what is so thrilling… the danger of being caught,’ she grinned.

‘I swear my lady, you are not your mother’s child or Lady Emma’s sister.’

Fallon rolled her eyes, looking heavenwards.  ‘Come hurry,’ she instructed with a smile.  ‘Dress me up, my lover awaits me.’

Louis mumbled softly, fearing the worse, wishing her charge could put away her foolish notion but at the same time, knowing she could not dissuade Lady Fallon.

‘Can Lady Emma not be your chaperone tonight?’ Louis begged.

‘No!  She would not let me out of her sight and I will never get to be alone with the earl.’

Louis heaved a breath heavily.  ‘Please be careful my lady. Please, I pray do not get caught.’

‘You worry too much dear Louis,’ Fallon laughed, touching Louis’ elbows. ‘Now put up my hair,’ she smiled.

‘Oh what time will it finally start?’  Fallon complained to her friend, Lady Carissa.  She could not wait for the curtain call.  She wanted the show to start so she could be in Braeden’s arms.

Carissa laughed.  ‘Why are you so impatient?  There is still ten minutes before it can commence.  Guests are still enjoying their refreshments.’

‘I have been waiting all week for tonight,’ Fallon breathed in anticipation.

‘I know you love the opera Fallon, but you have heard this particular artist perform previously.’

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