Telepathy: the ability to hear and broadcast thoughts of oneself and others.

Up above: Atticus Castavet played by Evan Peters (😫😭❤️)

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S.E // The 7th Supreme

   "That marks the end of today's class. I'll see you tomorrow."

  Footsteps echoed throughout the lecture hall as the students began to leave, bidding me goodbye on the way. A content sigh left my lips as I gathered my things on the great oak desk, switching the projector off. I was lucky that I didn't have any more classes for the rest of the day, meaning I was free to go home. Luckily, I had already done all my work for the next class, which meant I was free tonight.

   "Um Ms. Everett?" A familiar voice spoke up from near the doorway, causing me to lift my head up.

   "Josh," I smiled warmly at the dark-haired blue-eyed student whom stood near the doorway shyly.

   "Sorry to bother you, but is it okay if you can proofread my essay and tell me if there's anything I need to improve on?" he requested, and I simply nodded, waving him to come over.

  He set his MacBook on my desk as I took a seat. My eyes began skim through the slightly interesting essay based on Adolf Hitler and his rise to power, before I heard Josh's thoughts in my mind. She's so gorgeous fuck I heard him think, making a tiny smile dip into my lips as I shut my thoughts off and focused on the essay.

   "This is great, Josh. But you have to try and provide a balanced argument, and I want to see more facts as well," I concluded, smiling at him as he snapped out of his thoughts and nodded vigorously.

   "Thanks Ms. Everett, I'll see to that," he grinned widely, picking his laptop up and shutting the cover as he walked away awkwardly, almost tripping over his own feet.

  As he walked away, another familiar visitor showed up at my doorway. A grin formed on my lips at the sight of my best friend, immediately standing up and rushing over to him.

   "Atticus, god I've missed you so much," I captured him in a warm embrace, standing on my tiptoes as I squeezed his shoulders with my arms.

   "I've missed you more, Sage," he chuckled deeply, pulling back to ruffle my curly hair. I scowled, swatting his hand away in annoyance.

  The reason I haven't seen Atticus in such a long time was because he was a sound engineer. His job consisted of travelling around the world and experiencing different concerts and music festivals, and inspecting whether the noise level is too high or not. Yep, that kind of job exists. I've begged my Aunt Sephy to allow me to travel with him for at least a couple of festivals, but she always said no.

  I was to never leave New Orleans, Louisiana until I was practically dead. Why? You may ask. It was because I was being hunted. The Saviors and many other witch hunting organizations wanted me dead with my head on a stick, which meant I had to have a witch or warlock guarding me 24/7. Atticus was a warlock; since his mother was the headmistress witch of Miss Castavet's School for Gifted Young Ladies.

  I worked two jobs, one as a history lecturer in the University of New Orleans, the other as a teacher of witchcraft in Miss Castavet's School. I insisted on working at the university, since it gave me the feel of normality, for some odd reason. So, sometimes when I'm done with teaching at the university; I go and teach at the school for a couple of hours. Both jobs, I loved, maybe the witchcraft one more than the history one since I always have students trying to get with me.

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