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I wake up 30 minutes before training. I haven't seen Titus in what seems like forever but his sent is everywhere. I get up not bothering to take a shower since I'll get sweaty anyway. I run a brush over my hair and change in to the pair of clothes Clara had planned for me, grey short shorts which are very  comfortable and a gray and lime green sports bra. I walk down stairs and grab a glass of milk while I wait for Clara.

" ready " she asks me but before I could answer she was out the door.

I follow behind her and she leads us into a clearing in the woods.

" Ok guys thanks for coming a little early before Titus gets here, this is Mia she will be training with us we are gonna start from the lowest rank and work up after every win" she motions for me to step up and I do

" Ryan " she calls and a short, taller then me but shorter then most males , steps up. He pulls of his shirt showing alotttt of muscle.

We get into position and Clara blows the whistle. Ryan takes the first swing hitting me in the side he swings again hitting my other side. He goes to hit me again but I duck and punch him in the side just like he did to me but I don't take a break I swing right hitting him in the side then left then right then left non stop once he is weak I grab his shoulders and bring my knee up as I bring his head down bring them together I let go and he falls to the ground.

I stop and catch my breath.

" wow! I thought you said you were weak" Clara says to me

" I don't know where that came from I've never fought ever in my life" I say surprised by my actions

" must be the beta in you. " she turns and talks to the rest of the pack " 5 minute break till we continue." And everyone scatters apart.

After 5 minutes past we are back but this time Clara decides to skip up a little since I showed I wasn't as weak as I thought.

She pulls up rank 5/ 20 that she gathered. In a matter of moments I have him pinned down it took me longer but I have him pinned down. I then hear a growl and I looked up seeing a not so happy mate.

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