sometime together pt2

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Naruto's POV

Hearing my brother and sasukie getting yelled at by nii-san and itachi it's super funny I couldn't hold back my laugh so I was just snickering as I heard how upset nii-san and itachi-san was.

I looked at sasuke who just continued to smirk as he soon looked at me "though two are almost always getting in trouble" sasuke says as he leaned back slightly "um sasuke" I said "ya naru" sasuke says as he looked at me "um sorry to kill the happy mood but ms. Pinky scary lady asked about you" I said as he just looked at me confused but soon a smile slowly went across his face as he began snickering which turned into a laugher.

"you mean saukra" he said while laughing at me "you really can be a dobe a times that was so priceless" he said whole laughing.

"Teme" I yelled at him playfully punched him in the arm as he continued laughing.

Sasuke's POV

OK I don't know but I just fell in love with naruto even more best name ever for sakura 'ms. Pinky scary lady' that's so freaking childish oh my god and his fake punches are also childish as I just laughed.

I soon managed to contain my laughter and kissed his forehead while smiling.

Naruto soon just chuckled as I looked behind me to see itachi and kyuubi walking out the hallway while dragging a blushing sasukie and a very angry menma naruto held back his laugh while I just looked away cause I'm afraid If I look back I'll laugh my but off.

"OK sasuke naruto got to the kitchen or the bedroom me and itachi have a lot to talk about with these two" kyuubi  says as me and naruto nodded and left the room to go to my room and I sware i heard menma complain about us and itachi complain back to menma.

We entered my room as I walked in naruto right behind me as I closed the door and sighed as we sat down on my bed "OK what do you wanna do" I asked as he started thinking for a bit "I don't know" he says rolling my eyes I look around a bit before actually kissing him on the lips than smiled at him "I love you naru and I missed you so much" I said as he hugged me "I missed you too" naruto says as we snuggled and looked into each other's eyes until I felt a surge of force as I kissed naruto again and a flash was seen I looked over to see kyuubi and itachi as they smiled at us "bye sasuke" itachi says as he and kyuubi left.

What just happened I looked at naruto who was just as confused but soon blushed while he looked at me "they did not just" I got up but I stopped and picked naruto who who snuggled into my arms happily "hey naruto" I said closing the door with my foot as I looked down at him as he smiled "yes sasuke" he says.

"Um......can you help me" I asked man this feels wrong to ask for help I don't like it "sure I will" he says wagging his nine tails happily as I put him down and he emediatly scrambled to his feet.

He looked so cute when he's happy I felt something as I looked behind me I saw that my tail wad wagging now how is this possible "your happy" naruto says smiling wait don't tell me that these things are gonna tell what I'm feeling oh no this not my lucky day "question how do you hide these things" I asked as he smiled and walked over to me I think he's ignoring me cause he's not saying anything, but when I was just about to start talking I was cut off by him "it's really hard to explain" he says as he touched tail I'm not use to this yet so I have no absolute clue of what to do right now I can't go to school like this for tomarrow.

I looked into his eyes while watching his every movement he made while staying still and completely quiet not wanting to bother him with stupid things that don't matter.

After a while or so he finally taught me how to do it which didn't seem that difficult but it was harder than you think who knew you had to make sure you didn't move you tail nor ears for all that mater and wait there's more your gonna have to do a hella more than just that cause gonna be use more than your own consintration there are also sertian foods I can't eat know great I don't feel like getting sick soooooooo SAKURA YOU ARE MY ENEMY actually I never really had a sweet took for all that mattered but who can't get there freaking mouth shut that pink beach that's who so ya I'm kinda in trouble, cause she's gonna be my main murderer and I'm her freaking victim.

(OK so you guys must of relied this by now that I don't cuss and what ever in general so ya but please don't hate me and yes I'm talking for the rest of this chapter.

Naruto : don't worry there's gonna be more so no harm down right

Sasuke : what ever were just waiting there time here

Naruto : no were not Sasuke were clearly giving them an update here

Sasuke : tsk

Ami-chan : don't be like that Sasuke.......OK so the next chapter is gonna be a little bit more violent than usual.

Naruto : OK question who goes were actually

Ami-chan : since I don't want you out yet so Naruto be prepared

Naruto : no fair why I have to......

Sasuke : cause I'm stronger than you and also more attractive than you dobe

Naruto : TEME

Ami-chan : actually your both strong Sasuke but Naruto is cuter but has probably more fans.


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