Wherever You Are

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written May 24, 2009

hello out there

wherever you are.

come back to me


come back to me.

i miss you

i'm gunna find you.

does anyone know where you are?

the one who always seems to cheer me up

when i am down

has anyone seen your face?

the light brown hair and gorgeous smile.

cuz i miss you

i'm gunna find you.

i think about you every day

i can't seem to move along without you

here with me.

i need to more and more each day

the thought of this is making me even more afraid.

and i miss you.


im gunna find you.

has anyone seen you lately?

about 5'8 with this personality

that would sweep a woman off her feet.

and if you're listening to this

you know it's you i'm looking for

and i want you home with me.

cuz i miss you.


i'm gunna find you.

ooooh, oooooh.

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