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August 12, 2017
Dear Jungkook,


Omg Kookie! How did we go from almost identical schedules to just one class together! And it wasn't even Geography!

Oh man, you've always been the one to help me with my Geography assingments and group projects. Now I'm all alone!

Saddest part?

We only have lunch together!

I remember when we had most of our classes together, we wouldn't seat next to each other at Lunch. You'd sit with the guys and I'd take a seat in a corner where I'd read books. I guess I'll have to get used to being around guys now.

I hope you at least got more classes with Seulgi because I know how sad you'd be if you didn't. You barely got to see her with last year's schedule. I hope thing changed in that way. That way you won't be all alone like me.

I remember last year, we said we'd pick the same classes, so we could have identical schedules again.

A/N- Words with this font are flashbacks.
Side note- (Y/N) is remembering all of this as she writes today's letter, she didn't actually 'write' the flashback

"We should pick our classes together! Maybe we can get our electives together" He said.

"Are you sure? I don't want you to feel like I'm always there to a point where it annoys you" you said.

"But I want to have classes with you. We're best friend, (Y/N), I'll never be annoyed by you!" He answered.

You could hear his happiness. He was overly excited. Next year is going to be the first year you spend together throughout the 356 days.

"We have tell Seulgi!" He said once more.

"You tell her" you said trying to smile as genuinely as possible.

You loved Seulgi, she was great. And you even shipped her with Jungkook, but you still couldn't help to fell a little jealous. They clearly had something going on.

"Later. What do you want to do right now. I'm free tonight" he said.

"Why don't we go shopping or maybe watch a movie, or maybe we could go to the amusement park near my house" you said giving suggestions for him to pick.

You almost never got to spend a lot of time with you. He was either out with Seulgi, or he was with his family, or out with his friends. The boys from school.

"Why don't we do all?" He said with excitement filling his voice.

"Are you crazy?! I have a curfew" you said.

You wanted to do it. For you it was a little escape with your favorite person.

"Call your parents. Tell them you're going out with me. They like me, they'll let you go" he said.

You knew what he meant by going out. He meant a 'friend-date', but your heart still skipped a beat as the words left his mouth.

"Hey, Dad?" You asked.

"I'm going out with Jungkook tonight. Do you think I could come a little later than usual tonight? I'll call you if anything happens." You explained.

"No, Dad, we're not going out like a couple" you clarified.

Jungkook's eyes widened at the thought of going out with you in a romantic way. You were his best friend, you were like a sister to him.

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