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Bexley clambered into the apartment, lugging a heavy, large suitcase behind her.

"Remind me again why you're moving in with me?" Clinton pressed, his chubby arms crossed tightly around his chest.

"Because," Bexley began.

"Aunt Lybbie's furious with me, and Uncle Jrake will do anything she says. So, they kicked me out."

"Why? You still haven't told me this big secret." Clinton was clearly annoyed. Seeing his sister reminded him of Mila, the woman he still loved and adored.

"Promise not to freak out? Please?" Bexley shut the front door, facing her brother.

"Can't promise anything. But I won't kick you out because I know you have no where to go."

Bexley exhaled lowly, avoiding her brothers gaze.

"I'm pregnant, Clinton. Two months pregnant." She revealed.

Clinton's eyebrows raised, a look of bewilderment clear on his face.

"Pregnant? Holy shit, Bexley! You're only twenty!" Clinton yelled.

"You don't think I know how old I am? It was an accident, Clint." Bexley countered.

Clinton fell silent, a million thoughts running through his head. "Are you even dating anyone? Whose the father?"

Bexley bit her lip. She knew how Clinton would react when she told him.

"Louis Tomlinson. Yeah, were together."

Clinton's eyes practically bugged out of his head at her response. That stupid Brit? Mila's roommate?

"I swear, I'll fucking kill that Brit. I can't believe he knocked you up—"

"It's okay, Clinton." Bexley interrupted, placing a hand on his forearm. He was furious. "I love him. I'm happy." She reassured him.

"You love him? Oh God, I'm definitely going to vomit. I honestly could've swore him and that other Brit were both nailing Mila. How do you know they're not having threesomes?"

"You're rediculous, Clinton. Harry and Mila are dating." Bexley said.

"Don't fucking remind me. I've been told."


"Anette, have you seen the stack of papers that were on my desk earlier? I think I've misplaced them." Mila questioned, rummaging through piles of paperwork that littered the large, U-shaped desk.

Anette sat on the opposite side, typing away at her computer and occasionally checking her phone.

"You have to be a bit more specific than that, Mila. What papers?"

"Uh, the information on the new books coming in next week." 

"No, I haven't. You better find them, before Marylane has your head." Anette threatened.

"Yeah, yeah, I know." Mila shuffled through more stacks of papers.

"By the way, are you still messing around with that curly-haired fuck?" Anette questioned.

Mila blushed rather heavily at the thought of Harry. Last night, they'd gotten a bit kinky, to her amusement.

"Is that a yes?" Anette pressed, noticing Mila's now very pink face.

"Uh, yeah. We're dating."

"DATING? Oh, wow! I didn't expect that! Congrats, Mila. I'm glad you're over that Clint guy finally."

"Yeah, me too."

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