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18. Surprise

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So, here I am back at work trying to explain away the smile on my face and the loss of my voice again.

Nothing could dampen my mood, although I was tired, my mind was filled with thoughts from this morning.

Jay had waited for me to clean up and with a cheeky smile he asked if he could choose my dress for work.  Although I was a little sceptical, I agreed and was pleasantly surprised with the dress he chose.

"You like black huh?" I asked as I laid it on the bed and turned to my underwear drawer, stopping as I heard his next words. 

"Black will hide those beautiful nipples babe." 

"You want me to...."  I didn't finish my question. 

"I want you to go without underwear and I think that dress will keep it from being obvious. Don't you agree?"  He raised an eyebrow and his lips pulled into a smirk. 

"You're a deviot Jay."  I scolded and he laughed. 

"Yes, but I'm your deviot."  He responded.  "And besides babe, you'll be turned on knowing that I'll be thinking of you all day.  Thinking of your nakedness as your nipples rub against the fabric, and your pretty little cunt that will be moist all day."

And he was right.  There was something about doing this for him that kept me excited all day.

I had to keep myself from thinking too deeply at the few references he'd made this morning about being mine.  My man, my deviot. 

I was watching the clock approach 5 when I had a call from reception.

"Hi Mia, there's a delivery out here for you." 

"Thanks Penny, I'll be right out." 

She was on the phone when I got there but she nodded her head in the direction behind me.

I gasped as I saw him leaning against the wall, hands in his pockets, one ankle crossed over the other, deep green eyes looking from my head to toes and back to meet my eyes. I could see the desire in his eyes and I felt my body respond. I hadn't moved and neither had he. Eventually he raised an eyebrow questioningly as he smirked and I felt the pull towards him.

Taking the few steps towards him seemed to take an eternity as his eyes followed my every move.

"Jay." I breathed out so huskily that my cheeks heated and he grinned.

"Hi baby, go get your stuff, I want to take you home and fuck you."

A moan left my lips as my pussy began to throb with want. He hadn't moved, hadn't touched me, but the look in his eyes made me feel like he was pleasuring every part of my body.

Again he raised his eyebrow and I nodded as I rushed back into my office and shut everything down, grabbed my bag and headed back out to see Jay standing in the same position. He was oblivious to the looks he was getting, his eyes were solely focussed on mine, openly communicating exactly what he planned on doing to me.

He followed me out to my car, where he finally wrapped his arms around me and pulled me against him, my back against his hard chest.

"Fuck you're sexy." He whispered against my neck as his hands reached up to feel my breasts, my nipples responding as if trying to break through the material to reach his bare fingers.

"Is your kitty wet babe?"  He asked as he lowered his hand and slid it up my dress, groaning as his fingers lightly stroked me. 

"How far away do you live?"  He asked as he slipped his fingers inside me and I moaned at the sensation as he slid them in and out. 

"10 minutes." 

"Drive fast babe, my cock's about to explode."

With shaky hands, I started the car and pulled out into the traffic. 

"What are you doing here?"  I asked as I indicated to turn towards my street. 

"I missed you."  He said as if the answer was obvious and I smiled brightly. 

"I missed you too."  I admitted. 

"Where's your stuff?"  I suddenly asked. 

"At the airport, once I have your address they'll bring it over."

"I can't believe you're here." I said as I shook my head in disbelief.

"You'll believe it when you're screaming my name." His gravelly voice sent shivers right to my core and I sucked in a sharp breath and he grinned.

We pulled up and I turned off the car and faced him.

"We're here." I said quietly and he nodded as he looked around.

"It's pretty." He commented as he got out and came around to open my door and followed me towards the house.

As I tried to get the key in the lock he pushed his body against mine, the bulge that was forming in his pants was pushing against me. 

"I'll fuck you right here if I have to."  He growled and I finally got the door open.

We'd barely made it inside, when he turned me to face him, his lips on mine as his hands snaked around my waist and lowered to my bum, lifting me until I wrapped my legs around him. My dress was hitched high up my thighs and he reached inbetween us to rub my clit, swallowing my moans as he lowered the zip of my dress and leant me against the wall.

My heated skin welcomed the cool, smooth texture as Jay slowly pulled my dress down to my waist.

"I love your tits." He murmured as he lowered his mouth to each in turn. I had my hands inside his tshirt, gripping his shoulders, my nails breaking through his skin as I tried to pull him closer. The hiss that escaped him was one of pleasure and he lightly bit my nipple in response.

"Jay." I breathed softly. 

"Little minx."  He whispered as he drew my nipple into his mouth.

He turned and walked us into the lounge, lowering me to my feet he knelt down and pulled my dress down to my feet, before quickly spreading my thighs and tonguing my clit. 

"Aaahhhh." I cried both from surprise and pleasure. 

Jay settled me back on the couch, bringing my shoe clad feet over his shoulders before gripping my thighs and burying his face between them.  His fingers were stroking me, slowly sliding in and out just enough to tease me as he suckled my clit.

He held me steady as he slowly licked his tongue the length of my slit. 

"Play with those beautiful nipples Mia.  I want to watch while I tongue fuck your kitty." 

His eyes were raised enough for me to see how dark they were and I slowly rubbed my hands over my breasts.  He groaned against me and I pushed against his face as his tongue entered me.

He quickly brought me to the edge and as I was about to plunge over, he pulled back and pushed his cock deep inside, the smile on his face grew as I screamed out his name.  Somehow he had undressed himself without me realising it and his bare chest was on full display, his muscles tightening each time he thrust into me.

I dragged my nails down his chest, not hard enough to break his skin but enough to make his eyes flicker with pleasure before grabbing my hips and holding me tight as he fucked me hard.

"Fuck Jay."  I gasped, my voice breaking as I spoke. 

His head was resting against my collarbone, his warm breath fanning my neck.  "You just keep getting better and better."  He said and even through my already flushed cheeks, I blushed.  He looked up and chuckled, lifting his head so he could look into my eyes.

"Have you always been so vocal?"  He asked curiously and I shook my head. 

"Not like when I'm with you." 

I could see my answer pleased him and he leant down and kissed me gently.

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