Secrets: An AJ Lee & CM Punk fanfiction

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She opened her eyes, and blinked a couple of times to clear the sleep out of them. She stretched feeling Phil's arm wrapped around her. She smiled, turned over and cuddled up close to him. Watching him sleep, so peacefully, she stroked her finger over his face, tracing his jawline and moving her hand down to his chest. She saw a slight smirk appear on his face, so she got close to and whispers in his ear, "wake up sleepy head." Running her fingers through his hair. Phil turned a little toward her, grunted, and opened one eye. "Five more minutes?" He mumbled while closing his eyes back shut. "No, babe, get up. Let's go get breakfast." April said leaning up. Phil opened his eyes and looked April up and down "God, have I ever told you have beautiful you are?" April smiled "that's sweet babe, but really let's go get some breakfast!" She said while giving him a quick peck on the lips. Phil grunted and finally sat up, "fine, let's go get some breakfast." He said with a smirk.
April slid on a comfy hoodie and some skinny jeans while Phil was struggling to look for his pants. "Babe, they're in the corner by the door."
Phil looked at her sarcastically "I knew that!" He said while going to retrieve his jeans from the corner. She picked out a hoodie for him, he grabbed the hotel key, and out the door they went. Most couples are so into personal display of affection in public, and April deep down wanted to be one of those couples with Phil, but she knew he wanted their relationship to be a secret. So she kept her selfish wants to herself and walked by his side wishing she would grab his hand.
"There! It looks perfect!"
Phil looked at the sign on the window, shrugged and opened the door for her as they walked in. They walked up to the counter, April pushed her glasses up the brim of her nose so she could see the menu better. "What do you want?" She said squinting. "Uh, whatever you get I guess." Phil replied sticking his hands down into his jean pockets. "Okay, then I guess we'll both just have some pancakes." Phil paid for their food as April scurried to go find a table for them to sit at. The food was out before they knew it. While they were stuffing their facing they talked about matches, wrestling, other topics. When someone taps Phil on the shoulder, "Hey man, aren't you CM Punk?!" "Yeah, I am." Phil replied. "Dude, I love you. Could get your autograph?"
"Sure man, just give me something to sign." Phil replied.
April watched intently as Phil interacted with the fan. The fan gave Phil a piece of paper and a pen & Phil began to sign it. When the fan look at April and said "Uh, Punk, what happened to Lita? Why are you with the crazy chick?" April felt her mouth drop open as she quickly looked down at the table to avoid eye contact. Phil completely avoided the question the fan asked and gave him his paper and autograph. When more people started to recognize them because of the fan, and people started to crowd the table. April felt more and more uncomfortable by the second and she knew Phil was feeling the same way. When suddenly, he stood up and grabbed April's hand. Let's get out of here, he mouthed. He entwined his fingers with hers as they pushed through the crowd of people and made their way out the door. Quickly as they could, they jumped into a cab, and instructed the driver to take them back to their hotel. Once they both calmed down, Phil grabbed April's hand and squeezed. Turning her attention away from the car window she looked into his eyes. When he took his hands and caressed her face. "Are you okay?" He asked. She nodded feeling his thumbs stroke her cheek bones. He smiled, "You know, I still dig crazy chicks." He said with a wink as he softly kissed her lips.

-to be continued

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