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3 months later.

Zonnique smiled widely as Rayan walked out of the auditorium and wrapped her arms around his neck as she hugged him, "So proud of you, Rayan!", she said, kissing his cheek.

"Mmm, I'm free!", he said.

She stepped back a little and looked at Rayan red graduation gown, "And you thought you would trip on stage.".

Rayan's father patted Rayan's back before hugging him, "Proud of you, Rayan. You proved me wrong by graduating."

Rayan's mother kissed Rayan cheek and wiped her moist eyes, "This is my third time, I should be use to my boy graduating. I'm so happy for you, Rayan."

Rayan's oldest brother put RJ down on the ground and Zonnique held his hand as he walked over to Rayan. Rayan smiled and picked him up, kissing his cheek, and held him against his waist. His mom forced them into taking pictures.

Rayan's dad reached into his coat pocket of his dress suit and pulled out an envelope, "As much as I love you, Rayan, I want you out. Your eighteen and should be in your own place, so here."

Rayan eyes came together confused and he opened the envelope, pulling out a check for five hundred dollars. It how much money they needed to get the apartment across town. They were saving up, but with themselves and RJ, they knew it was still awhile left before they came up with almost five hundred dollars.

Ryan grinned and reached out towards his father, "I love you, dad.", he said, kissing his father cheek, making Chris make a gross face.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm only doing it so I can turn your room into my man cave.", he said sarcastically and Keshia gave him a look.

. . .

Zonnique was more then surprise to see Hanna show up at Rayan's graduation party. Lillian looked at Rayan confused and he looked just as surprised as she did. Ryan had done everything to keep Hanna away. He had to even change his own number.

She showed up with her parents though, so maybe she wouldn't cause so much trouble. Zonnique couldn't help herself from walking over to Hanna who was alone, "What are you doing here?", she asked.

"I convinced my parents to let me come.", she said. She looked annoyed, "I was hoping to talk to Rayan."

Zonnique wanted to laugh and tell her to go away, but she knew she wasn't a rude person so she just smiled, "Not gonna happen."

Her right eyebrow rose, "Huh?"

"You wont go two feet near Rayan, he's my boyfriend, so you can't go two feet near him.", she said. She was tired of people telling her Rayan and her shouldn't be together or making her feel like some stupid teenager who's had a child so young.

She scuffed, "Excuse me, who do you think you ar--"

"I think I'm Rayan's fiancee.", she said just to throw in her face as she brought her left hand up to show her the finger. She took another step towards her for Hanna could only hear her, "You tried to ruin my family before, I wont let you do anything to mess that up again. You do anything stupid, I'll have Rayan dad arrest you, you're eighteen now, right? It's called harassment, Hanna. Wouldn't want people to know how crazy you are, right?"

Her nose scrunched up with anger as she breathed out her nose, but she didn't say anything. Zonnique smiled and turned around before she left, breathing out like she was holding her breath. She has never felt so confident before to actually say that to someone. She felt so much stronger.

"What happened?", Rayan asked.

"Oh just a friendly talk.", she said, grinning. "I don't think she'll do anything dumb."

Rayan just chuckled as he wrapped an arm around her. Zonnique watched RJ being held and passed down to each relative, saying how cute and big he's getting. She smiled at how much he was loved, no one was ignoring him at all. Rj seem to be liking the attention, he was smiling the whole time.

Zonnique thought of Duncan. They hadn't talked much since that day when she told him he would have to respect that she wanted to be with Rayan. They would talk every now and then, but it was awkward. She had found a new tutor, a girl this time. She was on her way to being a senior and she had decided to give public school one more chance, but she can't handle it, it's cyber school on her new path.

All in all, the last three months have been good. The only thing Rayan and Zonnique would fight about was little things, stupid things they couldn't even stay mad at each other for.

"I can't believe RJ going to be a year old soon.", Zonnique's dad said as he put his grandson on his waist.

"I know, he's getting so big so fast.", Zonnique said. "It was only yesterday he was brought into the world."

"Is he talking yet?", one of Rayan's cousin asked.

"Small words, but they sound a little funny still.", she said. "RJ, say mommy."

"Momwie.", he said, blushing, hiding his face when she tried to get him to say something thank you.

She giggled and ruffled his hair, "Good boy."

"When are you going to cut this poor boy hair?", her dad asked, running his hand through RJ's curls that were getting long. "I swear, in two weeks I could I put it in a ponytail."

"When he can say haircut.", Zonnique said jokingly. She doesn't know why she has this weird feeling of getting RJ a haircut. She has thought of it, but it made her a little nervous. Maybe because he was getting older and older means he not a baby anymore. "You should see a picture of Rayan at RJ's age, could be twins."

Zonnique went inside the house to grab a bag of chips for the chip bowl. Rayan was inside, stuffing his face with pasta salad...which his mother would kill him for.

"Rayan, don't you know the food isn't ready?", she asked, chuckling.

"I'm so hungry though!", he said, chewing quickly with food in his mouth. "I was so nervous this morning, I need food, Niq."

She chuckled and grabbed the bag of Doritos chips.

"My Aunt makes the best Italian food.", he said, continuing to stuff his face.

"Well I guess i gotta try some.", she said. "I noticed Hanna didn't stay long."

He shrugged, "I guess it's a nice thing I hid behind my dad when she went looking for me." He put his plate down and grabbed her face, "Give me a kiss.".

She laughed, pulling away, "Ew, no! You got pasta on the side of your mouth."

He stuck his tongue out and licked it off, "Better!"

"Ew!", she said, shaking her head as he kissed her, tasting like Greek dressing.

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