The beginning of the end

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Toby's POV
I just told Spencer that I was moving to Maine with Yvonne and it was the hardest thing I've ever done. I start driving away and she called me I didn't answer because Yvonne was right next to me and I couldn't handle the guilt. I turned my phone all the way off so I wouldn't get any notification and be tempted to answer. I look over to my right and I see Yvonne and I think about my future and it's almost perfect but not completely because Spencer's not in my life.

Spencer POV
I just got home coming from Emily's and I hear a noise in my room. I walk in and hear someone and expect it to be Aria but then I get a text from her that says "OMW" then I start to walk away and I hear a really light mumble from my closet. I creep close scared about what I am about to encounter. And I open he closet door quickly, ready to attack but see nothing and no one. I make sure no one is in there then I hear a glass window shatter. I grab my scissors from my drawer. It wasn't a good defense mechanism but it was something. I looked behind me to make sure no one was behind me and then all of a sudden I feel hands grasp my neck and I fall to the ground. I punch him/her in the face and book it to my phone and call Toby because I knew he had just left and he would be here the fastest. It kept ringing and ringing and he never answered. I heard him/her coming and I texted him "help me" hoping he would understand. I don't fully remember what happened next but all I remember is stabbing him with the scissors and my head is bleeding so he must have hit me. I ran out the door. It was 11 o'clock so I could see much but all I saw was another of A.D.'s minions jump out off the car and start chasing me. I realized this whole thing was staged and started running even faster. Then I turned around to see how far away her was and realized he/she had a gun. I ran into the neighborhood the try to get help. I kept banging on someone's door. I had no idea who's house it was at. I started scream as loud as I could "HELP ME". Then I saw that A.D.'s minion was gone. I saw a woman walking towards me and she saw I my head was bleeding and started running towards me. Then I see a A.D.'s come out behind her and slit her throat open and and she fell to the ground. Dead. I scream at the top of my lungs and run faster then I ever had before. I hear the door of my dead neighbor open. I hear gun shots and nothing else after that.....

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