A New Queen in Queen Ind.

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Now released from my shadows, Little Red circled around me until he stood aside his reestablished temporary partner. It made me internally chuckle at the differences between the two. First hand being the obvious Christmas colors coming into play with their uniforms. Next was the vibe, G.A's being more chill and go with the flow while R.A's was more 'I'm Mr. Do Everything My Way Or The Highway'. Its no wonder they split up.

"How about we start of with your real name, if you will." Greeny politely inquired. I felt so special. Being under SCPD's spotlight for the past month was nothing compared to this.

"Brittney. Brittney Dalour." I said, bowing lowly as a greeting.

"Sounds fake." Spat Little Red crossing his arms.

"Take it or leave it." I sang boredly, not really caring. 'Course, it was a fake name but why would I let him know that?

"How about we rip off that mask of yours and do a facial scan?" He threatened. I merely rolled my eyes and leaned against my right foot. "Then we'll know if you're telling the truth."

"I wouldn't mind really. But I simply have one question," I quickly changed my stance to that of a strict military man and snapped my darkly narrowed eyes at him in a heartbeat. However, I chanced my tone to that of a low seductive whisper. "If I show you mine, will you show me yours?"

Green Arrow coughed awkwardly and Red Arrow growled deeply in his throat. I, for one, found it completely entertaining and laughed heartedly.

When my humor died down, I sighed contently. Also seeing that Little Red had his fists clenched to where he looked like he was about to lose his shit at any second now.

"Alright, if you are so impatient to see the real me then I'll give you a sneak peak." Without so much as a blink, I pealed my cloak off of my figure, letting it fall to the black asphalt ground of the alleyway. Both men immediately covering their eyes and looked away as if I was streaking to the world. Well....more like G.A forcibly grabbing Red to turn like he wouldnt have otherwise.

At that point, I freaking lost it. My hysterical laugh echoed throughout the moonlit area of Star City, no doubt making a few Nightowls around question their own sanity. "Wow. Way to make me feel ugly, guys. Its not like I'm buck ass naked."

Placing my hands back on my wide hips, both guys slowly turned back to see me in my skintight cat suit. As it was supposed to, it hugged and showed off my body nicely. We wont go into details about my bust, ass or any other sexual aspects but I'll say this, even I thought I looked fine.

Thats not to say that every girl needs to have an A+ bod to see themselves as hott. Ladies, I don't care who you are or what you look like, all I care about is that you don't let anybody tell you that you are anything less than gorgeous the exact way you are. And if they dont, call me up. Im sure Masquerade would love to drop by and have a 'talk' with them.

And yeah, I just broke the fourth wall. Did you think only marvels characters can do that kind of shit?

Sorry, getting off track here.

"Seen enough?" I teased the guys, turning around and bending to pick up my cloak once again. Like I could hide that my ass was the main display during such action but... Oh look! There goes my last f***!

Geez, its not like nobody had an ass. Some just like to be one instead.

"Well, w-what about your powers?" Ladies and Gentlemen, I have achieved the impossible. I had gotten the infamous Red Arrow freaking stutter! Fist pump it, baby! Boo-yah!

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