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The Voice Actors, Crew of Animonsta and author's imagination as BoBoiBoy, his Friends, enemies and others,

Shaza (Shazy Shaz the author) as Shafira Fira and the Skylements,

Nadine Delisha as Kantabot,

Aries_Ellena (Author of 'Superhero Alam', etc) as Flaura,

Kaizryl_Emperana (Author of '3 to 1: BoBoiBoy Fanfiction') as Kamilah,

PyraFyre (Author of 'Fiery Love', etc) as Ember,

Wolfpup1304 (Author of 'The History of Starla, Ruler of Stars#wattys2015', etc) as Starla/Gheeta,

thefifthknight (Author of 'My Little Pokemon', etc) as Heather,

Codexgirl99 (Author of 'Our Journey: First Year', etc) as Nick,

And other characters that soon will be introduced in this book.

~ Shazy Shaz the writer

(Updated by: BoBoiBoy)

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