Twenty Three- By the grace of Apollo

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Will's POV-

Bianca walked Nico and I down the halls of the castle and outside to the shaded grove where the wedding was supposed to be held. At the alter I saw the smiling face of my father.

"What..." Nico began.

Bianca cute him off, "Apollo finally came to his senses. It took a bit of explaining but I finally made him realize that this would both unite the kingdoms and make you happy. So if you two are willing," she motioned down the aisle.

Nico looked over at me, "I mean it's just all so sudden. But I..."

"Me too." I smiled down at him and took his hands in mine.

"Nico de Angelo, will you marry me."

"Hell Yes," His smile grew and we ran down the aisle together, past empty rows of chairs, up to Lord Apollo.

"I realize that weddings are boring and so ill just read the highlights." Apollo smiled widely, "Okay let's get this done before I start crying."

"Okay dad," I smiled at him and saw the beginnings of a tear in his eye.

"We are here to celebrate the Union of two souls who are more ment for each other than any pairing I could make myself. Nico, I believe that with you, my son is more happy than he has been since he was very little and I hope you feel the same about him."

Nico smirked, "that I do."

"Without farther ado, fo you, Will, take Nico to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do,"

"And do you, Nico, take Will to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I most definitely do."

"Then by the grace of Apollo, I pronounce you husband and husband, you may kiss each other."

I pressed my lips softly against Nico's and in that moment I realized that no matter what happens I want to spend the rest of my life in this man's arms. Because he is the love of my life, my angel of darkness.

The End.

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