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Liam: Liam always thought of you as his little baby, so it no surprise that he still acted that way. It was about 9 and you were laying on the couch watching a movie with the rest of the boys . "Maybe you should go to bed (y/n)" Liam whispered. You looked at him confused and shook your head. "It's only 9, Li" "Yes, but you know cranky you get when you don't go to bed soon enough" You rolled your eyes and paid attention to the movie. "Babe, bed. Now" Liam said. "Liam seriously I'm 15, I know when to go to bed" He looked at you giving you the "listen before things turn ugly" look and you knew. You jumped up and ran off to your room.

Louis: You were sat at dinner with Louis and the others. It was your last meal with them before they left for another part of their tour. "Eat that" Louis stated, pointing to the vegetables sitting on your plate. "No, Lou. They're gross." You defended. "Bug, seriously, no dessert if you don't eat them. Now lets go chop chop." You rolled your eyes. "And I will have none of that attitude at this table either" He said shoving more food into his mouth. "Take a breather. I'm 15" You muttered not knowing he heard you. "Yeah and I'm 21 and tell you what to do. So eat them come on" He picked up the fork and put vegetables on it and put it in your mouth. All the others laughed but you knew he was dead serious.

Niall: It was game day. Your were competing for going to the championship in Volleyball. You had taken the court right as Niall showed up. You were doing great: spiking, bumping, and serving. You went to block a spike when the ball nailed you right in the face. You went straight down cupping your nose. Instead of letting your coaches due their job, Niall raced down. "Outta my way! That's my sister!" He got down beside you and put your head in his lap holding a cloth to your bleeding nose. "Princess, talk to me baby, talk to me what hurts. Niall will make it better." You swore you had a concussion because of the way Niall was talking. You didn't respond. "(Y/n) talk to me. Come on baby." After your nose stopped bleeding, Niall announced you were finished for the day and picked you up. "Niall I can walk" "No shh you're injured" He carried you to the car and into the house and babied you all day like he loved to do.

Harry: You were special. You were Harry's only younger sister, so he always babied you. "Harry?" You whispered. "Mhm?" He was sitting on the couch playing with his phone. You knew the answer to your question but you knew you had to ask. "Can I go to the movies today?" He stopped and looked up from his phone. "With who?" "People" "(y/n) names. Now" "Just Emma, Olivia and Josh" You muttered out the last part. "Josh? Who is he?" "A friend, I told you Harry" "Nope, not happening." "Harry please!" You begged. "No! Not without supervision with a guy there!" "You're so unfair. I'm 15! Quit treating me like this!" You ran off and slammed your door. Harry came knocking, "babe, look I'm sorry okay? I just don't want to watch you grow up? Ill lighten up and you can go just be safe? You nodded and hugged him.

Zayn: Zayn constantly asked if you were alright. Anywhere, everywhere. You were sitting backstage at an interview with them. "'Lrighrt?" You nodded. "Do you need to go to the bathroom?" You shook your head. "Don't lie to me, I don't want you to have an accident" He said standing across the room. You blushed bright red, "God Zayn I don't lay off!" "Watch it" He growled. A few minutes later you had to go but wouldn't dare tell Zayn after what happened. You sat there fidgeting in your seat until he walked over and smirked. "Gotta go now?" You growled but nodded. He grabbed your hand and held it tightly taking you to the bathroom...you could never win with him.

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