❖ Chapter Thirty-Five ❖

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Healing Gabriel: Chapter Thirty-Five

                                      ※(*)※Gabriel's POV※(*)※

      Evan was cupping my face in his hands and kissing me to the point where my knees felt like the jell-o we were about to make when a sudden ringing met my ears. I started to pull away from him so that he could answer his phone (also so that I could catch my breath), but he switched his kisses to the higher part of my jaw, distracting me. It was nice to feel his warm breath breezing softly against my ear, but it was also the slightest bit otherworldly. He was kissing and nuzzling places that were meant to be beaten and bloodied. He was so different from him, and I wanted to stay there forever, protected and out of harm's way with kisses and caresses cascading my skin instead of bruises and scars.

      I couldn't help the small intake of breath when he placed the kisses behind my ear, a place that I now knew was sensitive to his lips. The sound I made, though, terrified me. It made my eyes fly open and water in fear. I pulled away from Evan again, this time not at all teasingly or playful.

      "Gabe?" he asked, perplexed as I put about three feet of space between us. "Did I do something wrong?"

      "N-no, sorry, I just . . . " I trailed off, gathering in small breaths of air. It had felt so good, but then that little noise of appreciation terrified me. I remembered when he used to do things to me, and my body would react so positively to it all even though I hadn't wanted any of it. I remembered letting out the same breathy gasps and sighs, moans, and it sickened me. Did I really even want Evan kissing me, or was my body just doing what it had when I was thirteen and in his presence?

      Those thoughts scared me even more. I hated my paranoia, I absolutely hated it. I knew Evan wouldn't hurt me, I knew he would never do the same things he did, and I knew that he wanted to make me feel good and not just himself. And I knew that I wanted him.

      So then why was I still thinking in such paranoid manners? Why was I still constantly getting confused?

      The second set of ringing from his cellphone intercepted my thoughts. He let out a sigh and pulled the device out of his pocket, placing it against his ear as he said 'hey'. I listened to the sound coming from the other side of the electronic, unable to place the voice or make out the words being said. I paid attention to Evan's facial expressions, though, which he seemed to be making quite a bit of.

      "You're not serious, are you?" he asked, his voice only the tiniest bit less gruff than earlier. The other person spoke in a seemingly regretful tone. He groaned, which must've bothered his throat because he coughed and rubbed at the front of his neck. "Well, that blows. And not in the good way." His eyes glanced over at me when he said that. He saw the distasteful, purrowed look on my face and mouthed 'sorry' to me, eyes apologetic. "I guess we'll just have to reschedule. No, no, it's fine. I totally understand. Thanks anyway. See you at school. Yes, I'll keep popping cough drops like they're candy. Bye."

      "What happened?" I piped in when he hung up.

      "Alana's brother offered to take her shopping next week, but he had to reschedule it to today 'cause of college or something," he revealed, leaning against the kitchen counter. I felt my mood dim as I stared at him, suddenly glum. I had been looking forward to spending time with two of my most favorite people in the world. I thought that maybe, by hanging out with a small group of friends that seemed to care a lot about me, the time together could maybe take a lot of things off my mind.

      "Oh, no, don't look so beat up about it," he said, pushing off the counter and taking my hand in his, pulling me towards him. "We can just make jell-o with her next time, and spend time together today, okay? I mean, really, wouldn't you rather spend Saturday afternoon with me than a bunch of menstruating girls?"

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