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"This is ugly as fuck. This isn't a fashion statement, its a death wish." Brendon sassed as he threw the shirt Pete picked out into a clothing bin.
He and Ryan came along with the two as their official 'fashion police.' Apparently it was a very serious job and  the two weren't gay enough for the position. Whatever that meant.

    "What about this?" Patrick asked hesitantly, holding up a black fedora and sweater, matching combat boots in the other had. "Perfect. You will look fuckin beautiful." Brendon smiled, letting him but the clothes in the cart.

  "How come every time i suggest something you diss it but when Trick does you love it?" Pete asked grumpily.
      "Because everything you pick is either too homosexual or is what every fuck boy ever wears. Theres a perfect middle ground that you cant seem to understand."  He said, Ryan nodding in agreement.

    "Getting that shirt is like telling your parents you like dicks being shoved up your ass every night and thats not what were going for. See how Patrick's outfit can either be really gay or really adorable but you can never tell which? Thats what the middle ground is." He explained as they walked down the isles.

   "Wow thanks Brendon." Patrick rolled his eyes before going into the nearest changing room with the clothes.
   "Hey Trick i need to use the changing room too. Could i possibly come in?" Pete asked, giving his boyfriend a kiss as he wrapped his arm around his waist.

   "Nice try but no thanks." He said, pushing Pete out the door and closing it, ignoring the puppy dog eyes that stared back at him before trying on the clothes.
    Looking at himself in the mirror, he didn't look half bad. Sure he hated the slight outlines of his stomach under his shirt and the lines than ran over his arms but besides that, he felt like he looked good.

   "Looking hot Trick." A voice sounded from the next dressing room. Looking up, Pete was peaking over the dressing room door from the next stall with a smirk on his face.
     "Go away!" Patrick whined, slapping at the boy before changing back into his clothes.

   "So how did they fit?"

  "I don't know. Why don't you ask the pervert over there." He said, glaring as Pete attempted to hug him. "Oh come on Trick you know you love it." He smirked.

    "I'll take that as a yes on the clothes then. Im gonna go try on some outfits then we will go to the food court because if i don't get Starbucks soon I'm going to die." Brendon said before taking several outfits into the fitting room.

    "I'll be right back- just have to use the bathroom." Patrick said after a moment, walking down the isles of clothes to the long hall way where the bathrooms sat.
   He was one of those people who rarely used public bathrooms but when he did it was usually because he drank an unreasonable amount of liquid. This time it was because Pete insisted he drink a whole 32 oz Polar Pop because he didn't want to waste the 69 cents he spent on it. Of course.

   Walking into the empty bathroom was rather unnerving however. Not that it was empty, more so that it was completely silent- the one thing Patrick hated. Silence was often what triggered the violence inside of him.
  Many of the marks that stained his arms came when the world was silent and his thoughts consumed him, causing the blood to spill. Its when there was no sound to hide behind and the darkness could seep in and consume him like it did all those empty nights.

At least until Pete came.
He seemed to block of all of the bad things like the music that used to play through his headphones. Even when they laid in silence together everything was okay because the warmth that spread over him when they touched was powerful enough to kill any bad thought his brain could muster.

   Washing his hands, he felt a smile overcome his face as he thought of his perfect boyfriend until a voice as cold as ice sounded behind him.

"Hey boy."

Turning around, Patrick was almost face to face with an older man looking down on him with a suspicious grin.

"H-hello." He answered back in attempt to sound calm.

"Your a pretty boy you know. People like you shouldn't be alone." He smirked, watching as the boy frowned as his hands started to shake.
   "T-thank you but i uh have to get going-"

  "Oh your not going anywhere." The man smirked before shoving him up against the tile wall.
     This was so similar to the all too familiar touch of his father but so different at the same time. This time he could fight back.
      Throwing a punch right to his face, Patrick knocked the man back a few feet as he attempted an escape, only getting dragged back by the collar and thrown to the ground before he could reach the door.

   "Your not going anywhere you little fucker." He growled before delivering a kick to the stomach that knocked the air out of him. Peeling down the boys pants, he clawed at his underwear while Patrick struggled to attack when the man was suddenly thrown back into a stall.

    Ryan was already starting to kick the man down, slamming his head to the ground with his heel when Pete bust in looking confused until he saw Patrick with his pants at his knees on the ground, instantly running towards him.

    "Oh my god what the fuck happened? Are you okay?" He asked worriedly, kneeling on the ground next to him. "What happened was this fucker was trying to rape Patrick!" Ryan growled, delivering another kick to the still moving man before walking over to Patrick as the guy attempted to stand.

   "Holy shit-  you tried to fucking rape my boyfriend? Only the fucking lowest of the low try raping people- especially teens. Your sick." Pete growled before dragging the man by his collar into one of the bathroom stalls, slamming his head into the metal toilet repeatedly.

  "Pete thats enough. Pete. Pete!" Ryan yelled, making the boy finally stop once he realized the man had passed out.
    "Oh my god. I cant believe that just happened. Trick are you okay?" He asked, running over to him and enveloping him into a hug.

     "Im so sorry. I should have stayed with you." He mumbled as Patrick latched onto him for comfort. "I-I'm okay. Nothing had h-happened yet." He said back, wanting to never leave Pete's arms again. "I love you so much. I promise i will never leave your side again."


After the bathroom incident, neither boys wanted to leave the house for a while in fear of what could happen. Of course they both knew that the likelihood of almost getting rapped again was incredibly low but lying in bed together seemed like the best way to ease off the shock.
   At least until they remembered that school started.

  "I don't want to go Trick. Can we just lay in bed? That sounds like a pretty good idea."

  "I wish. but for some reason the stupid world we live in bases everything we've ever done on grades that don't even matter."

    "Its fucking ridiculous. The whole world is screwed up- from their views on gay rights to who should be president. Lets just kill Trump and Hillary and have you become president. A little angel like you in the white house would probably make world peace." Pete smiled, holding onto his fedora boy tightly.

  "I doubt it. Lets just move to outer space. Who needs air anyways?"

  "Me because you take my breath away."

  "Shut up." Patrick giggled. What did he do to deserve such a perfect boy?


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