Chapter 9

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Katelyn POV

I hear somebody fall on the bed next to me while I was putting the next anime episode on, making me jump. I turn around to see that it's Jess. When did she come back? I put my laptop down and walk over to her, putting the covers over her before walking down to hear Alex, Kala and Cadenza talking.

"What do you mean that they aren't on holiday?" Cadenza asks.

"That's what Jess said. She said that she was trying to defeat the enemy trying to resurrect Loki. She said only the sky army could defeat them. Who is the enemy though? Any ideas?" Kala asks.

"She said she would tell us when she wakes up." Alex replies. "We should let her get some rest. She has a fever."

"I feel really bad. If I didn't yell, she wouldn't have been gone for a day and gotten that fever." Kala looks like she is about to cry so I walk into the room.

"Hey guys what's up?" I ask confused before looking over at Kala. "What's wrong Kala!? Did Alex do something again?" I go over and hug her.

"Hey!" Alex shouts. This makes Kala giggle.

"I'm fine. I have a question." She looks over to me.

"What's up?"

"Did you know that Jess was going to find this sky army?" She asks.

"Well... Oh look! Looks like it's time for me to go feed my cat!" I say, looking at my bare arm before running away.

"You don't have a cat! Get back here Katelyn!" Kala chases me down the hall. I jump into the room with the Sky army and slam the door shut behind me before dragging the closest and heaviest thing I could see which was a table to block the door. As soon as I'm done, I turn away from the door to see all of the guys staring at me with a weird look.

"What?" Everybody sweat drops.

"What's up... Katelyn?" Jin asks, guessing my name at the end.

"Yep. The names Katelyn the fire fist!" I tell them.

"So why was you running away from Kala?" Mitch asks. I awkwardly laugh.

"Well me and Jess lied to them and told them we were going on a holiday to travel across the world. We didn't tell them that we were actually coming to find you and bring back the sky army." I explain.

"Why would we have to bring back the sky army?" Sky asks, giving me a confused look.

"Because the squids are back and stronger than ever."

Aphmau POV

I open my eyes to Kala bursting through my door. I groan.

"What do you want from me." I mumble into my pillow.

"Sorry! I was looking for Katelyn." She leaves and shuts the door behind her. Might as well get up. I quickly get dressed into my normal clothes and walk out of the room.

"Where are you guys at?" I mind link Barney.

"We are in Mitch's study." He replies so I go there and push the door open, pushing whatever was blocking it out of the way. It was a table. I silently walk in unnoticed and shut the door and start listening to their conversation.

"Why would we have to bring back the sky army?" Sky asks. I decide to join in on the conversation.

"Because the squids are back and stronger than ever." Everybody turns to me.

"We killed them though. They are extinct." Sky exclaims. I shake my head.

"I was attacked by the squids. They are still alive." I look him dead in the eyes.

"And you are positive?" Max asks. I turn to him and nod.

"Then that means the sky army needs to get back together." Sky says and we instantly all go from our joyful selves to our serious selves.

"We need to start finding and recruiting some more recruits." Ross speaks up. We all nod in agreement. Suddenly, the door bursts open.

"This is where everybody is!" Kala says. I turn around to see Kala, Alex and Cadenza walking through the door.

"Guys do you mind leaving for a while? We are discussing something important." I ask them, trying not to sound rude.

"No! We deserve an explanation on what's happening and why you are lying to the few!" Kala has an annoyed look while the other two have a blank expression.

"Well the few cant kill the squids. Only the Sky Army recruits can. To anybody else, squids can be immortal." I say.

"Squids? That's who we are battling?" Kala looks like she is going to burst out laughing but she soon goes back to normal once she notices that we aren't joking.

"Squids are evil. They are trying to take over the world and that's who is guarding Loki's crystal. Think about them both working together and we are doomed." I explain and the three super heroes have wide eyes.

"Then why are we just sitting here! Let's kill those squids!" Cadenza shouts.

"We can't just go and kill them. We need to find recruits. Just because you guys are strong doesn't mean you can just kill squids. That's why we didn't tell the few. You have to be in the sky army to have the ability to kill squids. The reason we need to find our old recruits is because if that." I explain.

"Then let me join! I will kick their butts!" I just sigh.

"If you join the sky army, you would have to leave the few and cut off all connections to them until this is over. You won't be able to use the Phoenix charm to contact them either. People from two different groups can't mind link each other." I look away, not wanting to see their faces.

"But you were able to mind link me and Barney and created a link between us." Cadenza says.

"That's because I have always been a member of the sky army. You guys joined the few first. If you were to join this army, you would have to leave the few and your flame will be put out until you are welcomed back. So what is your choice?"

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