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(A/N- Everything in this chapter is 100% original.)

*9 years later*

I smile at my reflection as I tuck my hair behind my ear.

"Come on Sam. We should go now." My mom calls as she enters my room. I grin as I see her clad in a blue gown and her hair tied up in a bun. I remember the time I asked dad the only unanswered question then. The question about mom's super recovery.

"It was a miracle baby. You were shot in the chest and you were in such a bad condition. I had broken down completely. I felt like I couldn't breathe.I thought you would leave me too. I ran to Andrea and told her everything. I told her that you needed her. I was ranting for an entire hour when I saw her fingers move. Next morning, the doctors were shocked to see her responding to the treatments and medicines. In a week baby." He stopped and took my hand in his as I stared back with tears in my eyes. 

"In a week she had her eyes open and could move her hand. I brought her to you on a wheelchair everyday for an hour. She would protest when I would take her back but that was the only time the doctors permitted her to be out of bed. And finally one day you responded. She brought you back baby. And you brought my family together. I couldn't ask for a better daughter. Thank you so much love!" Dad said crying and I cried too, but they were tears of happiness.

"Yes mom, ready. You look amazing." I say in awe as I take my mobile phone and walk down with her.

"So do you. This dress is just perfect. You look marvelous baby." She says and I look down at myself. I'm donning a satin silk peach colored dress that hugs my body. Its a fish tail cut from the thighs and flatters all my defined curves. Right now we are headed to Xavier's house, which isn't next to mine anymore. We both have new houses which are bigger and more beautiful. I am the editor of one of the leading publishing houses in Orlando while Xavier is the manager at a multi-national firm. So the West family has given a Christmas party at their place as it also marks Della's birthday. I grin at dad who stares at mom like she is the only woman on the earth. They both entwine their arms while I take my clutch and we leave.

Its been 9 years since that incident with the gang. These nine years have been drastic. Everything has fallen into place. I have my family, my boyfriend and its going stronger than ever. Chase too has found someone it seems as recently he posted a picture with his girlfriend on Facebook. Zach and most of his guys were shot dead but Steve and two others were jailed for life-time years under the pretext of illegal smuggling, murders and other crimes. Noah is in high school now and he matches his brother's charms and looks. Bella is in New York working in a national company as a marketing manager. She and Alec didn't work out and they broke up after graduation. Carly though is married to Jacob and they have a 6 months year old son. They have both settle in New Orleans where they work as calisthenics.

That accident though it had me in the hospital for over a month brought me, my mother back and for that, I'll be eternally grateful.

We stop by Xavier's house and dad parks in his car. I look at the house that is familiar to me like my own decorated in yellow and red and green lights. I hug Della warmly as we enter and she hugs me back. In Della, I have found my second mother. The way she cared for me and mother, it is beyond words. She then hugs my mother and nods at dad. We enter the house to see everyone chattering and laughing. I spot Noah near the drinks table as he charms two girls standing there. I mentally shake my head as I yet again realize how much he resembles young Xavier. My eyes scan the house for Xavier but he is nowhere to be seen. I sigh as I realize that he hasn't given up on his 'entering the party fashionably late' ways. I busy myself with other guests as Xavier shows no signs of showing up.

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