Once When I Was A Vampire - Introduction

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Hi! And welcome to my new Vampire romance story! This came to me while reading a few vampire stories on here and I just had the urge to write one my way.

A few things to note...

1 - This is a vampire story so there will be vampires and blood.

2 - This is Adult Fiction with some bad language, adult scenes, and a few scary parts.

3 - I'm English and this book is written in the UK style of English. (EG we spell it 'colour' instead of 'color')

4 - If you wish to leave feedback please give constructive thoughtful and polite feedback. Every writer loves comments but I'm still learning and we all make mistakes and typos. 

5 - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED! No stealing or copying! 

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Thanks for checking this out. Enjoy!

Holly xx

On to the story...

~ ❤ ~ 

Find me on Instagram for more info and updates @nightrose.dreamewriter  or link in bio

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